DAOHacks 2022

Wrapping up an incredible weekend

7 min readApr 12, 2022
One weekend + 500 hackers + incredible vibes.

We kicked off the month of April with style, hosting 500 hackers for one weekend of DAO-focused hacking frenzy. For 48 hours, our hackers raced to build their projects while we hosted dozens of talks and workshops featuring some of the brightest minds in the growing DAO ecosystem. Now that the dust has settled, we’re even more confident in the future of the DAO ecosystem. Read our recap of this incredible event below, and be sure to check out the Project Showcase to see more of the projects that were put together during the hack!

🚀 DAOHacks TL;DR:

  • 👩🏽‍💻 500 Staked Hackers
  • 👩🏻‍🦳 47 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 🤝 26 Partner Teams
  • 💸 $50,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 62 Countries
  • ⌛️ 16 Timezones
  • 🛠 128 Projects Submitted
  • 🏆 10 Finalists

🏁 DAOHacks Kick-off & Summit

The DAO ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds, so we set out to bring in some of the talented minds leading the way in order to give our hackers valuable information heading into the weekend. The DAOHacks Summit was an afternoon of back-to-back panel discussions on the future of DAOs and the challenges facing them, featuring builders and creatives from every corner of the ecosystem. Dennison Bertram, Raihan Anwar, Alisha.eth kicked the afternoon off with a discussion of Discovery & Curation, followed by a deep dive into Creation & Administration with Moshe Ovadia, Dr. Nick, Stefen Deleveaux, and Imran Khan.

Catch up on all the action on our Youtube Channel.

Later that afternoon, we dipped into hot topics like Finance & Payments, Membership & NFTs, Governance & Participation, and Compliance & Legal. These sessions were amongst some of the most popular we’ve ever hosted—summit attendees on almost every continent held on to our speakers’ every word. While the energy was high, our hackers got straight to work, attempting ambitious projects and forays into the Web3 ecosystem.

🏆 The DAOHacks Finale

As the clock ticked away towards the submission deadline, hackers raced to complete their projects, each second counting toward their goals. Tech mentors and support staff worked tirelessly to troubleshoot final issues and prep projects for their judging appointments. For those who weren’t there, this energy would be hard to put into words, but as our hackers clicked “submit,” a mix of relief and admiration for the work of their peers washed over as they awaited their results. Our Discord was flooded with messages congratulating teams on making it to the end of the weekend. Though many lacked sleep, morale was high.

Watch the DAOHacks Finale for live demos from our Finalist Teams!

Our team, mentors, support staff, and judges were all blown away by the level of quality shown by all the projects created at DAOHacks. A weekend is an incredibly short amount of time to create a project, let alone a polished one. Yet many of our teams were able to push the boundaries of what many considered possible, and truly showed the potential for what might be the next generation of Web3. The Finalists chosen below represent some of the most innovative projects to come from DAOHAcks, read more about them below!

🥇The DAOHacks Finalists

💎 CompaoDAO

A payroll management platform for DAOs that can deal with varying salary flows.

The CompaoDAO user interface.

What we liked: The future of DAOs relies on transparent collaboration and simple management. CompaoDAO strikes a balance of user-friendliness and task efficiency that seems sure to add value to any who adopt it.

🎶 They don’t know I own this song’s nft

A protocol that lets NFT owners to store their assets safely in a cold wallet, without losing the ability to use them in services that support the protocol.

They don’t even know though. Like fr they don’t even know. Nobody say anything.

What we loved: The safety of a cold wallet with the flexibility of a hot wallet, finally in a user-friendly solution (that actually does what it says it’ll do)? Priceless. We were excited to see an inventive foray into hot/cold wallet design.

🧈 Butter

Treasuries that spread. Diversify your Treasury by streaming tokens into auto-diversifying pools over time

Butter’s branding and UI design is smooth, like… well… butter?

What we enjoyed: Butter employed a creative mix of partner team tech, user-friendly UI, and sweet design to take the cake at DAOHacks. We’re excited to see where this team goes next, and will be watching intently.

🤑 Refund

Refund — easily track and reimburse all expenses in your DAO

Getting into the details with Refund.

The Team: @avax9

What was cool: We love projects that aim to help other projects (or the ecosystem in general). Refund creates a clever way to assist the management-side of DAOs, increasing their efficiency and decreasing stress—a win win in our book.

🖼 NFTDAO Factory

No more rug pulls! NFTDAOs put the treasury in the hands of the community.

If an NFTDAO were a Factory, this is what it would look like.

What we liked: Democratizing the voting process was an important step towards getting DAOs to where they are today, but what about democratizing trust? NFTDAO Factory works towards this goal, exploring a solution that could avoid a lot of pain, suffering, and heartbreak.

🧐 ReviewDAO

ReviewDAO is an organization managing countless token curated registries. NFT holders propose new lists and get rewarded for successful proposals and votes.

The Challenge period, as explained in the ReviewDAO live demo.

What was interesting: ReviewDAO focuses on Token Curated Registries, creating a system that rewards positive participation and increases democratic opportunity. We’re excited to see where this project grows next!

🤠 DAOQuest

A gamified onboarding tool for DAOs in the form of quest chains 🤘

It’s the logo (and so much more) for us…

What we liked: Gamifying the community-engagement side of a DAO’s growth is a creative way to increase participation and ensure positive direction. DAOQuest makes the onboarding process a breeze, and does so with a snappy UI—what’s not to like?

🚀 DAOSurv

DaoSurv is an analytic DAO tooling. aim to capture the public feedback to enhance DAO project decisions. We offer SURVeillance (monitor and alert), SURVey (announce governance proposal), and insightful analytics to iteratively improve the DAO, SURViving long-term success.

Snapshot of transactions through DAOSurv

What was interesting: DAOSurv bit off a lot to chew, attempting to solve for the “analysis of group interactions” side of DAO maintenance that often requires one to have their finger expertly on the pulse of their community. This project offers a better way. With concrete analysis and clean UI, we’re sure this will get a lot of attention very soon.

💷 License DAO

LicenseDAO offers a repository of licenses residing on IPFS so developers, platforms, collectors and content creators of Web3 community can optimize their choice of permissions and tailor their rights.

The Team: @igorlineee, @crinquand_paul, @alina_loseva, @anjablaj, @DucasseLeon

What we loved: This is big… No, this is really big. Creating a streamlined way for content creators and developers to route their projects thorough efficient licensing pathways will take the burden off of the building and allow great things to be done without great strain. We’re couldn’t be more excited to see where this project goes next.

🔋 DAO Power

DAO Power is the total wealth held by the specific DAO community.

DAO Power chose this image to represent their hard work. It’s purple, it’s poetic, it’s perfect.

The Team: @jaimin___patel

What we liked: We’re excited about any project that gives layers of new information to DAO members, as it will contribute to the growth of the ecosystem on the whole. DAO Power offers users valuable insights in a streamlined package that is sure to turn heads.

🤝 DAOHacks Partners

This weekend would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, and judges. It truly takes a village to raise an event like this, and we are grateful to work with such incredible people. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem.

The support of our Partner teams allows us to further this goal by providing this event (and all others) free of charge for all who wish to attend. Take a look at some of our key partners below!

Our incredible DAOHacks 2022 Partner Teams.

👀 Up next…HackMoney 2022!

We went big last year, and we’re going even bigger this year.

Our next event is right around the corner. Join us May 6th — 27th for this year’s HackMoney—an entire month devoted to the future of DeFi! Last year’s record-breaking event was one of the highlights of our year, and this year we’re aiming to go even bigger. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

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