ETHAmsterdam 2022

ETHAmsterdam was one of our best events yet—and we’re only getting started.

For one weekend this April, we brought the Ethereum Developer community together for the hackathon-to-end-all-hackathons. ETHAmsterdam was an event two years in the making, representing everything our team had learned along the way, and opening a window onto the bright future of our ecosystem. Three days, 165 Projects, 700 hackers, and 47 talks & workshops later, we think it’s safe to say ETHAmsterdam was one of our best events yet.

🇳🇱 ETHAmsterdam by the numbers:

  • 🙋‍♂️ 1100 Attendees
  • 🛠 165 Projects Submitted
  • 👩🏽‍💻 700 Staked Hackers (31% new to Web3)
  • 👨‍🏫 47 Workshops & Talks
  • 👩🏻‍🦳 100 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 🤝 50 Partner Teams
  • 💸 $400,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 56 Countries
  • 🛠 165 Projects Submitted
  • 🏆 13 Finalists

🏁 ETHAmsterdam Kick-off & Keynote

After two years of digital events, we were ready to bring the ETHGlobal community back together for the event we’d all been dreaming about in quarantine. Needless to say, a lot has changed since 2019. To kick things off in Amsterdam, we hosted a conversation with Vitalik Buterin on the state of the Ethereum community, what has changed since the first lockdowns, and what happens next for builders across the world. This riveting discussion brought the audience to the edge of their seats and set an optimistic tone for the rest of the event.

Don’t miss this incredible discussion on the future of Web3.

The main hall started to buzz as new teams and projects got their start. From the opening ceremony onwards, teams were able to work on their projects non-stop, opting to sleep only when physically necessary. Giant beanbag chairs littered the floor, and hackers got to work building their big ideas, as there was no time to waste.

Kartik Talwar and Vitalik Buterin discuss all-things Web3 on stage at ETHAmsterdam.

As the hackers got to work, others poured in to our ETHAmsterdam Workshop sessions, catching talks from Konstantin Tkachuk, Đorđe Mijović, Ulysse Ramage, Eric Tang, and many more. These workshops were designed to give hackers valuable insights that could inform their hackathon builds, but many showed up just to meet and learn from our incredible speakers.

Juan Benet joined us to discuss CryptoEcon, check out his talk here!

⏰ Hackathon Day 2

Saturday morning started early for most, with many hackers getting their days rolling by grabbing coffee and refreshments. New energy started to take shape within the crowd, replacing the calm that had fallen over the venue after the midnight talks had let out. Hackers were eager to participate in back-to-back workshops, build their projects, and meet new teammates, and Day 2 was packed with opportunities.

A team celebrates an achievement during the hackathon, Day 2.

By noon, the Main Hall was once again buzzing with excitement. Workshops from Alex Gluchowski, Warren Paul Anderson, and David Lin sparked conversations that echoed through the walls of the Buers van Berlage. After a quick lunch, we hosted a number of talks from ecosystem leaders like Juan Benet, Marius van der Wijden, Yoav Weiss, Remco Bloemen, Chris Hager, and Georgios Konstantopoulos.

Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers and creatives to the Ethereum ecosystem as possible. These talks and workshops are one of the ways we support the progression of the space. You can view any of the ETHAmsterdam sessions by going to our YouTube channel.

Feeling the Magic

ETHAmsterdam was so much more than just hacking and workshops. We offered group activities for hackers looking to take a mental break from their projects throughout the weekend. Our events are for the community, in every sense of that word. Though high-level workshops are always sought after, sometimes it’s the more human moments from our events that stand out in our memories.

Check out more of the ETHAmsterdam event photos here.

From Sound Baths to Delftware Tile workshops, hackers were able to let off steam in creative ways, adding a level of fun to the weekend.

A hacker works on a Delft Tile as part of a creative activity.

🚀The Final Day

As the countdown to the submission deadline approached, a mix of nervous excitement could be felt throughout—no doubt spurred on by the collective all-nighter that had just occurred. A wave of relief spread through the Main Hall as each team successfully submitted their project, with high-fives and celebratory shots of Espresso all around.

Main Judging began almost immediately following the submission deadline. 21 Judges joined us to sort through the hackathon projects, giving teams vital face-time and feedback from ecosystem leaders. Partner Judging started shortly after, spanning into the early afternoon as hackers took time to live demo to Partner Teams at their booths.

Smiles all around as our teams submitted their hackathon projects.

As soon as the judge’s scores were in, our team went into overdrive preparing the announcements for the closing ceremony and contacting our chosen Finalists. After much deliberation, 13 teams were chosen to represent some of the most innovative and well executed projects to come out of ETHAmsterdam. These nascent projects offer a window into the future of our ecosystem, and we’re sure they’ll go far. Take a look at their winning projects below, and learn more about all the teams who participated via our Hacker Showcase.

🇳🇱 The ETHAmsterdam Finalists

Check out our Tweet announcing the 13 ETHAmsterdam Finalists!

📼 Retr0x

Retr0x Fully on-chain retro-generative public goods funding app deployed with Optimism.

Retr0x’s stunning user interface.

The Team: @jan_o_e, @konradkopp, @_orland0x, @jessicapointing, @FerAlmansa01

What we liked: We’re excited to see retro-generative public goods funding start to take root at our events. Retr0x hit the problem head-on, and built a stunning app in a short window of time.

💡 Nimi.eth

Build and deploy your web3 profile page to your .eth domain in just a few clicks — with Nimi!

Nimi’s dashboard

What we liked: Where to even begin? Strong UI, stronger concept, excellent project overall. We’re excited to see where this grows!

Hexagons Protocol

A protocol and framework to build social-media-driven smart contracts

Looking at the Hexagons Protocol in real-time.

The Team: @ThomasBertani, @AlleManfredi, @mauropiazza_

What we liked: The growth of the Web3 social media space will be brought by teams like Hexagons Protocol leading the way. We’re excited to see how this project shapes up over the next few months.

📜 Democrazy

Democrazy enables privacy-preserving off-chain governance voting. Individual votes are encrypted, and only the total result is revealed.

A demo of the Democrazy UI

The Team: @chung_jeewoo, @bbayazit16, @rpal_, @lisandroea, @andykaminker

What we liked: Solid concept, even better execution. Democrazy proves that off-chain governance is within reach. Excited to learn more.


1-click to beam the user’s debt position to their desired chain.

The Team: @0xtiagofneto, @BoyanBarakov, @DaigaroC, @julian_praest, @guill_om, @iafhurtado, @theedgarmoreau

What we loved: Seamless, swift, and user-friendly, FLOAN takes the cake for creative execution. Besides, anything built around teleportation is going to be naturally cool.

🍤 Tempra

Messages are temporary, but connections are forever. Tempra is your all-in-one instant messaging platform on-chain.

Tempra’s beautiful UI.

The Team: @victoriakimse, @ianmmah, @isaackcchung, @noviachao, @chyobers

What was interesting: We’re here for the future of Web3 instant messaging. Tempra wrapped a number of killer features up in a sleek UI, what’s not to like?

🤝 pfpnative

PFPnative is a no-code tool to generate unique PFPs for your community. It helps you bootstrap your treasury, create a unique community brand, and token-gate access.

Deep dive into pfpnative’s interface.

The Team: @hotkartoffel1, @0xlrnt

What we liked: We’re excited to see the growth of no-code Web3 tools that will enable the space to grow by leaps and bounds. pfpnative brings a lot to the table for those looking to enter the fray in Web3, and does so in a sleek package.

🚀 Daora

DAOra is a project management and DAO analytics tracker.

A look at the Daora dashboard.

The Team: @AFRISHAN, @MabelOchebiri

What was cool: Sure you can make a DAO, but can you gain analysis from it, learn from that, and make it better? Now you can, with Daora’s easy to use analytics tracker. We’re stoked to see Web3 management tools take flight, and Daora will definitely be around for awhile!

📈 Yieldgate

Yieldgate is a tool to receive donations or to support projects and creators — with yield. No NFTs or tokens, just good old MATIC! Built with ❤️ on top of Aave, Polygon, Coinbase, and WalletConnect.

Yieldgate’s live demo at ETHAmsterdam

What we liked: Great idea, even better implementation. We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Yieldgate, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!

🧱 Detris

Detris is a playful combination of a playable NFT and a prospective puzzle game.

You can’t tell us that doesn’t look at least a little bit fun.

The Team: @finiam, @0xjfsgomes, @resende_666, @davelange_, @davidesilva_

What was cool: Everyone loves Tetris right? We’re stoked to see a new spin on the classic game, complete with great execution.

🚴‍♀️ Activitydao

We try to implement a costless DAO to facilitate the creation and the manipulation of sub-communities around activities.

What we liked: Cool to see IRL <> Digital world bridges in Web3. ActivityDAO tracks activities and community growth that could reduce the friction for those looking to form DAOs for their social groups.

👀 Creatorsight

Helping Web3 creators learn more about their collectors with easy-to-use dashboards and analytics.

Creatorsight’s sleek UI.

The Team: @elliefarrisi, @levychain

What was cool: Creatorsight fills an important niche for the growing creator economy, giving Web3 creators valuable tools to learn about their collectors and community. We’re excited to see where this project goes next!

Collective Action

Collective Action is a donation platform enabling individuals to take social action. Donators can create a prize pool specifying a task and individuals can complete it and upload a proof.

The Explore page on CoAct.

The Team: @andiskim, @codeformars, @floydd34dsh0t

What we liked: Social action bounties seems like a surefire way to incentivize change on a massive level. Collective Action brings an incredible idea to life with user-friendly design and clean execution.

🤝 ETHAmsterdam Partners

This hackathon would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, judges, and volunteers. We are grateful to work with such incredible people to bring these events to life. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem, and we believe ETHAmsterdam was a crucial step towards achieving that goal. Check out this list of our ETHAmsterdam Partner Teams!

Some of our incredible ETHAmsterdam Partner Teams.

Up next…🤑HackMoney + 🗽ETHNYC

We’ve got big things planned, so stay tuned!

Our next event starts in just a few days! Join us May 6th — 27th for this year’s HackMoney — an entire month devoted to the future of DeFi! Last year’s record-breaking event was one of the highlights of our year, and this year we’re aiming to go even bigger. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Plus, join us in NYC June 24th-26th for ETHNYC, a weekend-long, in-person hackathon picking up where ETHAmsterdam left off. Spots are filling up fast, don’t miss your chance to see what our events are all about.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about future events and tag us in your project updates. We can’t wait to see what you build next!



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