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Postcards from our recent event in Colombia

11 min readOct 24, 2022
Our ETHBogotá 2022 hackers came from all around the world.

October was a huge month for our ecosystem, with back-to-back events in Bogotá, Colombia bringing in some of the biggest crowds we’ve ever seen. After two years of careful planning, ETHBogotá proved to be a massive success. For one weekend, developers and creatives from across the Ethereum ecosystem worked together to shape the future of Web3 in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. With 900+ Hackers launching 212 projects to take home over $500k+ in prizes, ETHBogotá is officially LATAM’s biggest hackathon ever.

🇨🇴 ETHBogotá 2022 by the numbers:

  • 🙋‍♂️ 900 Hackers
  • 🐣 34% New to Web3 + 31% From LATAM
  • 🛠 212 Projects Submitted
  • 👩‍🏫 350 Ecosystem Mentors + 12 Technical Mentors
  • 👯 43 Ecosystem Partners
  • 🏔 33 Workshops & Talks
  • 💸 $500,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 62 Countries Represented
  • 🏆 12 Finalists

🧱 The ETHBogotá Kickoff & First Day

ETHBogotá had joyous energy from the moment we began. Hundreds of developers and creatives had flown into Bogotá for the week, and they brought all of their excitement with them. With 62 countries represented the ETHBogotá hackers represented one of the most diverse fields of participants we've ever had. The excitement built to a fever pitch around the opening ceremony, where a packed audience of hackers got their first taste of the prizes and possibilities that we had in store for them over the weekend.

The Agora Bogotá was abuzz with passionate conversation on topics ranging from The Merge, to what’s next for DeFi, and everything in between. As teams started to link up, hackers started to spread out inside the massive venue and prep for the weekend ahead.

Optimism’s Veronica Coutts captivated audiences on stage the first night. Watch her workshop here.

To kick things off, we hosted in some of the leading minds in the ecosystem. Camila Ramos Garzon, and Nader Dabit started the day off on a high note, discussing Smart Contract Development with Foundry. One room over, Yoav Weiss and Dror Tirosh walked audiences through a technical workshop on Account abstraction: building an ERC-4337 wallet.

Hyperlane hosted a killer workshop, you can see the whole thing here!

The first day of the event saw a flurry of high-level workshops, including some from Joe Habel, Taylor Caldwell & Diego Lizarazo, Andrew Forman, Vanes Mercado, Kevin Jones, and many more. When our hackers weren’t building, they were attending the plethora of workshops, exploring concepts at the bleeding-edge of the space that would, in-turn, influence their builds. These workshops continued long into the night, check out all the content you missed via our YouTube Channel.

A hacker presents their idea at Friday night’s Team Formation Session.

Later that evening, nearly 70+ hackers, Mentors, and Partners joined us for one of our largest Team Formation Sessions yet. These community-driven workshops have grown exponentially in size and excitement over the course of the year. Offered at both our online and in-person events, these sessions give hackers a chance to meet new friends and galvanize support for their ideas in a safe space built to be valuable to pros and newcomers alike. If you’re a first-time hacker, we highly recommend stopping by to see what they’re all about.

☕️ Saturday Morning Excitement

Our venue staff racing to feed the hundreds of hungry hacker mouths.

Most of our hackers got an early start to their Saturday morning, attempting to save as much precious time as possible. Local Colombian coffee and refreshments offered stimulation to our early-risers, and sustenance for our all-nighters. As everyone started to wake back up from the first night, a new energy could be felt throughout the building—excitement was in the air.

Our activities kept hackers on their toes all weekend, with the Weaving Workshop and Foosball tables being fan favorites.

By early afternoon, the venue was abuzz with hackers hard at work on their masterpieces. While some buried their heads in their work, others took a creative break—attending the ETHBogotá Weaving Workshop, a session on traditional Colombian weaving practices led by a local artist. This fun activity helped to break up the day for those looking to spend their mental energy on something other than their builds.

⏰ Countdown to Submission

Our hackers raced against the clock to turn in their final projects.

As the clock ticked down to the Submission Deadline, our hackers raced to put the finishing touches on their projects. Our midnight snack gave them the last little bit of juice they needed to continue on to morning, and while some hackers left to go back to their hotels, a majority started to get comfortable and settle in for a long night of building. With so many people pulling an all-nighter together, a sense of comraderie was formed in the field of participants.

One of our newest hackers poses with a sign following the Submissions Deadline.

By morning, a nervous excitement could be felt in the venue. Each team pushed their final project updates and finally, at 9am, a wave of relief and satisfaction swept over the building. To build a working project in web3 is no simple task, and to do so in a weekend is worthy of praise. In just 36 hours, 212 teams joined the ranks of thousands of promising primitives that got their start at an ETHGlobal hackathon—a badge of pride in our ecosystem.

👩‍⚖️ Project Submissions & Judging

Judging began promptly following the deadline. 24 ecosystem experts joined us to judge the 212 hackathon projects, giving teams a rare chance to gain valuable insight into their builds. We’ve always pushed to make sure that every team that submits a project gets access to some of the most talented minds in our ecosystem. We do this because we firmly believe that getting access to these leaders early on in one’s exploration of web3 can greatly impact their project and even influence the trajectory of their career.

🏆 ETHBogotá Closing Ceremony & Finalists

Finalist team Superseed giving a live demo of their incredible work.

Our Closing Ceremony wrapped up an intense, but incredible weekend of building. After 36 long hours, hundreds of teams had submitted projects for our judges’ consideration. We selected 12 teams to represent the most promising builds to come out of ETHBogotá. These Finalists represent the next generation of web3 primitives, and now that the dust has settled in Bogotá we’re excited to watch them spread their wings and fly to new heights. Check out each of the ETHBogotá Finalists below, and be sure to view all 212 projects on our showcase.

👬 Frens

Frens helps you mitigate the risks of solo staking while bonding with your Ethereum friends. Built on top of SSV to ensure fault tolerance and performance.

The Frens UI in all its glory.

The Team: @NormanSaade, @dameos1, @heeckhau, @sponnet, @0xWildhare

What we liked: Frens makes solo staking more fun by giving you new tools to prevent against risk while solo staking. We’re all for projects that reduce risk, especially if they help you connect with other people in the ecosystem!

🔎Blobscan Explorer

A forthcoming upgrade to Ethereum will allow the publishing of temporary blobs of data in the beacon chain. It’s the first explorer that helps to navigate these blobs.

Isn’t it cute? Isn’t it absolutely adorable? (The cat)

The Team: @mateodazab, @pcolombo90, @0xGabi_, @404ouch, @Mati0x

What we liked: As with the early internet, Blobscan Explorer bravely pushes forward into uncharted futures, utilizing digital images of felines to prove its concept. Jokes aside, this is a super useful tool for the upcoming upgrade to the beacon chain, we’re excited to see where this team will go next!

🤑 Bet Streams

Bet Streams is the pay-per-view live stream platform, enabling viewers to bet on the results that are streamed in real time, all based on the Web3 stack.

A look into the magic of the Bet Streams UI.

The Team: @Marcin_Kaz13, @JulaNovo, @lancendavis, @DatSpodo, @teghnet

What we liked: Finally, a solid web3 competitor in the livestream-betting ring that will hopefully provide users with increased security and data sovereignty, and decreased Jamie Foxx/BetMGM ads on their timelines. We think this is a huge opportunity for growth in the ecosystem, and we can’t wait to see where this project goes next!

👍👎 ETHernal Reviews

Dapps rating platform. Only users that interacted with a certain Dapp can rate. User logs in with an ETH address, they can evaluate a project if there’s an activity at his address with relevant contract address.

A look inside the Eternal Reviews “create a review” flow.

The Team: @HedvikaPa, @pwndao

What we liked: We’ve reviewed it, and we think it’s cool. ETHernal Reviews offers a new platform for rating Dapps, complete with user authentication that blocks malicious/fake reviews. This will be incredibly useful as Dapp users seek to tune the signal from the noise in the Dapp space.


To change the microlending narrative, the concept of uncollateralised lending using Self-sovereign identification seems to be an ideal alternative to the extant DeFi lending model.

If you like the gradient wait until you find out about the rest of the project.

The Team: @abena_eth,@sereneissa2 ,@JoyMun777, @0naama, @b1z10Murru

What we liked: Pulp puts control back in the users’ hands by allowing them to navigate the complex world of lending with ease. Using self-sovereign identification, Pulp aims to allow users to prove their viability for loans, escaping the biased and archaic traditional credit system. This project could change a lot of lives, and we’re here for that.

🌱 Superseed

Superseed is a simple, automated dollar cost averaging DApp paired with community impact to supercharge your DeFi investment strategy.

Easy to use, plus a sleek UI… What’s not to like?

The Team: @annaalexak, @Jessfurmanmuse, @aztech_princess, @myweb3journey, @alysiatech

What we liked: Superseed opens up the floodgates to new DeFi users by marrying dollar cost averaging with interest maximizing strategies and opportunities to profit share for public goods. This project cuts the DeFi learning curve down to size, allowing newcomers and casual investors to access the important benefits of DeFi without sacrificing their social lives at the altar of yield farming Youtube tutorials.

🌐 Coedia Network

Decentralized social network to solve high-priority code issues using a help-and-earn, open-source framework to build a wider, stronger, and united Dev community.

A snapshot fro the Coedia Network dashboard.

The Team: @lengoeth, @LurgiaY, @crypto_nahue, @wm81321, @nchoquemaque

What we liked: Bounties have shaped the web3 space up to this point, but what better way to incentivize their completion than adding a social mechanism? Coedia Network does just that, connecting Devs to solve ecosystem-wide issues, and in-turn helping to repurpose potentially wasted talent towards shared goals. We couldn’t be more excited for this project.

🪶 Zipline

A trustless bridge from Eth2 to any EVM chain using provable execution

A flowchart of the Zipline transaction process.

The Team: @willemolding1, @erktu, @caymannan

What we liked: Zipline utilizes an Optimism-based protocol to execute the Eth2 light client on another EVM chain. Zipline pushes the signature verification process off-chain to reduce cost, instead calling for proof-of-signature to be submitted on-chain with a fraud-proofing challenge period that follows. We think this team is just getting started, and we’re excited to see where they’ll take it next.

🧂Anonymous Vickrey Auctions On Chain

Maximally private, second price, sealed bid auction aka Vickrey auctions.

Select an NFT… go on… do it.

The Team: @yush_g, @real_philogy

What we liked: Vickrey auctions are an excellent tool for equitably pricing NFTs and other digital assets as they remove the ability to “game” the traditional auction system by sealing the bids. Anonymous Vickrey Auctions goes on step further, requiring users to prove the validity of their bids, further increasing the security of the auction process, and in-turn increasing efficient price discovery.

🦨 diZKreet

diZKreet is a Zero Knowledge Privacy Layer for NFTs, using Aztec’s privacy-first zkRollup on Ethereum.

A Zkunk in its natural habitat. The Zkunk can consume up to three times its own bodyweight in memes.

The Team: @Benlakoff, @meirbank, @roysandoval_, @orpheuslummis, @metaversearchi_

What we liked: DiZKreet applies the concepts of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to the NFT marketplace, allowing users to mint and trade assets using zkNFTs before redeeming them on mainnet. This ensures a new degree of privacy and safety for both creators and users. We’re excited to see where this project will go next.


ClubSpace is a live listening party for creators to share their curated music NFTs with their Lens frens

Clubspace makes online listening cool.

The Team: @c0rv0s, @imthatcarlos, @lucasemanuelss

What we liked: Music NFTs, and music in general, is nothing without the ability to share it with your frens. ClubSpace allows creators to get more airtime by hosting live listening parties for Music NFT collections, enabling entirely new ways to party in web3.

🧨txn. xyz

A dedicated page for Ethereum transactions. Never load ethers.js or web3.js again!

txn.xyz’s transaction execution flow in beautiful 8k resolution.

The Team: @dawsonbotsford

What we liked: txn.xyz simplifies the process of interacting with the myriad of wallet providers by creating a common portal for ETH transactions that allows users to come together, right now, over web3.

🤝 ETHBogotá Partners

This entire event would not have been possible without the support of our Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, judges, volunteers, and the local Bogotá web3 community. We are grateful to work with such incredible people to bring these events to life. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem, and with ETHBogotá being the largest hackathon ever in LATAM, we think this was a crucial step towards achieving that goal.

All of our incredible ETHBogotá 2022 Partners.

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