🌍 ETHGlobal 2018 wrap-up, and looking ahead to 2019

V for EVM

Over the last year, ETHGlobal hackathons have on-boarded thousands of developers to the ethereum community. The movement that started in October 2017 at has turned into something much larger, as local organizers all over the world stepped up to run incredible events in their own cities.

In the past year, 3,800 hackers from more than 65 countries built more than 500 projects. More than 1,000 of those hackers were new to ethereum. ETHGlobal events have become a heartbeat for the community: every few months, hundreds of us gather in a new place and #BUIDL.

And at every hackathon, there’s something new to do. After the ERC721 standard was popularized, we saw a wave of non-fungible token applications. After Aragon 0.5 was released, we saw teams start integrating it into their hacks. As the has grown, teams have been finding new and novel ways to combine these protocols and services in their applications.

ETHGlobal hackathons give us a way of measuring the progress being made by the ethereum developer community. They’re like the rings in a tree, marking an early moment in the growth of something much larger. Even compared to our first event at ETHWaterloo, today there are better tools, more mature protocols, and radically more options for developers looking to .

But most importantly, we built a community. Hackathons bring new developers into the ecosystem, introducing them to future co-founders or colleagues. They teach new skills, and help to “upgrade” the knowledge of everyone who attends. They connect local ethereum communities with people from all over the world, and cement the bonds that are the building blocks of a sustainable decentralized project.

They remind us that this community is built around building technology that solves problems — not speculating on price.

📣 🇫🇷 Announcing our 2019 season

Developer interest in ethereum hackathons shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2019 our goal is to double the number of new developers we on-board to the ethereum ecosystem, with a mix of returning events and hackathons in new cities and countries that have never before hosted major ethereum events.

Today we’re thrilled to announce 🇫🇷 , on March 8–10. This will be the first ETHGlobal event in France, and will be organized in cooperation with the taking place the week before. You can !

Our 2019 calendar is starting to take shape, with three awesome events already lined up:

We’ll be making more announcements early next year about the schedule for the rest of 2019. We’ve got TONS more planned for next year, including multiple events in new cities. Stay tuned!

To stay updated, join our and follow us on .

✅ 2018 Recap

It’s been an incredible year of ETHGlobal hackathons — we’ve put together a quick “year in review” below that sums up what happened at each event, notable hacks or project launches, and links to content from each event.

🇨🇦 ETHWaterloo (October 2017)

the calm before the storm

🗻 ETHDenver (February 2018)

  • The event that first popularized the #BUIDL meme, which became a mantra for ETHGlobal events and the ethereum community in general — a reaction to the broader crypto industry’s unhealthy focus on price.
  • Big trend: ERC721’s & blockchain games. The success of Cryptokitties in the months prior led to an explosion of interest in non-fungible tokens and their uses.
  • launched here.
  • started here.
  • All 131 submissions .
  • All videos here

🇦🇷 ETHBuenosAires (May 2018)

🇮🇳 ETHIndia (August 2018)

  • First ETHGlobal event in Asia, and still the largest ethereum event ever held in India.
  • — an all-in-one portal to DeFi protocols like MakerDAO and Kyber —
  • Big trend: On-boarding new developers! 50% of attendees were coding their very first dapp.
  • All 53 submissions .

🇩🇪 ETHBerlin (September 2018)

  • The Goerli testnet was — a few months later, .
  • The start of the “Vlad hacks together a Sharding project over the weekend” trend — his PoC got a writeup in
  • All 65 submissions .
  • Writeup on all the winners .

🌉 ETHSanFrancisco (October 2018)

🇸🇬 ETHSingapore (December 2018)

  • The first ETHGlobal event in an ASEAN country
  • Big trend: three separate teams worked on Plasma implementations that made use of zkSNARKs
  • All 44 submissions .
  • Keynote Q&A with Vitalik

🎉 Happy new year, and see you in 2019!

We’re immensely thankful to the community that makes ETHGlobal events possible. Every event requires the hard work and support of local organizing teams, sponsors, volunteers, judges, speakers, and the hackers who make it all worthwhile.

Thank you for an incredible 2018, and can’t wait to keep #BUIDLing with you in 2019.

A special thank you to the Ethereum Foundation, who early-on recognized the value of building a vibrant developer community around ethereum.


— ETHGlobal

Andrew, Heather, Jacob, Josh, Liam, and Kartik.



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