ETHGlobal Community Update #1

Meet the ETHGlobal Mod Team

🔍 What is the ETHGlobal Mod Program?

🏋️ What do our Mods do?

Hackers working at ETHSanFrancisco last Fall.

Our Mod Program is a long-term cohort designed to help web3 newcomers or existing builders deepen their web3 knowledge by providing them with hands-on experience with one of our ecosystem’s most important communication tools — Discord.

Mod Team members Ifeloluwa & Adedamola hosted our recent Community Call.

😄 Who participates?

Though we are not currently onboarding new mods, the opportunity for Cohort #2 might open soon, so keep an eye out for more info!

👋 Meet a few of our Mods

Daniela Marotazo

My name is Daniela Marotazo, I’m 22 years old and I’m an audiovisual communication student from Piura, Peru. My journey in crypto started last year when I heard about NFTs, I remember I didn’t understand a thing and -as the curious person I am- that was exactly what got me digging and finding out that there was a lot besides just valuable tokens, it was a piece of the whole internet evolution.

During my research, I got into female communities which were fundamental for my education, growth, and search for opportunities. Through them, it was where I found the ETHGlobal application and later the Devcon scholarship from the Ethereum Foundation that took me to the World Cup of crypto last October.

For me building community in Web 3.0 is key, it is what gathers people into a conversation, a hackathon group, or a big project. And that’s the main reason that I’m very passionate about being able to mod one through ETHGlobal and soon in my local community. At the moment I’m mostly interested in the uses of crypto in retail (fashion and makeup specifically) and also the education and community field for which I’m developing Web 3.0 intro courses to build a crypto community in Piura and also a metaverse project, both projects in collaboration with CryptoAmigos DAO (a former Peruvian community) and my university, Universidad de Piura.

Jhonny Vianello

Hello everyone and nice to meet you! I’m Jhonny Vianello, a Full Stack Developer and Italian Student. Passionate about technology since childhood, I’ve always loved helping people and family members in this area so much that, in my course of study, I’ve always helped my classmates by becoming a point of reference and leader. I currently support and contribute on the Ethereum Ecosystem (Blockchain Technology) to help people and improve our future. In particular, I support projects like in many ways and work as Discord Community Moderator at ETHGlobal. These contributions and experiences have allowed me (and still allow me) to improve myself and stay up to date on any topics of our ecosystem. In all of this, I also started a personal business: ETHVenice. The main purpose of it is to educate more people about this technology so that they can better understand it to avoid being scammed and, above all, understand the difference between the potential of this and the only speculation; we hold Monthly Meetups and an IRL Event in Venice, supported by the Ethereum Foundation. I would like to thank all the ETHGlobal Team for this adventure and I hope to give my best in the future on everything. I can’t wait to meet some of you, Let’s connect!


Hihi, I am your fren Jade, and I am currently studying information technology in Australia. I previously served in Beep (@beep_crypto), the pioneering NFT community in China, which initiated the branding of a series of world-class projects such as WHALE Members, The Sandbox, and YGG. It was a lucky chance (or just destiny) that I was successfully selected for the ETHGlobal mod program in the year 2022. Formed from hackers around the world, Chloe has led the mod team to accomplish many milestones together (e.g., community calls), making our discord community a more vibrant and impactful venue. We will be doing more in the new year; like offering more vertical guides and opportunities for hackers, providing special exposure and support for female practitioners, and many more. Let’s witness these together!

Hii I’m Adedamola, Community Lead by day at ETHGlobal. At night I fight bugs for my life and try to find solutions to working projects as a Web Dev.

In that sense, I like to describe myself as a bounty hunter in web3’s wild west. At least that’s the way I see the burgeoning ecosystem; where there is so much opportunity, creativity, and room for growth. I still find it as fascinating today as I did the first time I read the Ethereum docs.

Hackathons to me, have been a big part of this creative process. There are technologies, products, and devs being produced right now that will be important for the decentralized future we are pushing for. ETHGlobal’s role in this cannot be overstated as we are literally the repository of some of the most exciting projects coming out of the Ethereum ecosystem in recent years!

Even though it’s early days as they say, you can tell from the flowers that this work will be pretty fruitful! The community at ETHGlobal has made me feel that a big part of our work is like pollination; providing the right information and resources for flowers to grow and flourish within the ecosystem but beyond that, it’s recognizing that we ourselves are flowers, and I think this is because of the enriching work that we do. For that am happy to be a part of the water watering the garden @ETHGlobal

Hi, I’m Ifeoluwa Oderinde (a.k.a owanikin) from Lagos Nigeria. I’m a software engineer, community builder, and technical content creator who got into this rabbit hole after reading the Bitcoin white paper and instantly knew this is where I want to be. Current trends I am interested in are Defi, ZK proof & Modular blockchains. Being an ETHGlobal Mod has definitely been a great opportunity to work with really smart people from across the world, make friends and contribute my own quota to this ever-inspiring ecosystem. I am always in the developers-lounge channel on the ETHGlobal discord server should you want to reach out or you can reach me on Twitter.

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Onboarding thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. Supported by L4, SV Angel, and the Ethereum Foundation.

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Onboarding thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. Supported by L4, SV Angel, and the Ethereum Foundation.