ETHIndia 2022

Highlights from our final event of the year.


  • 🙋‍♂️ 2000 Attendees
  • 🐣 44% New to Web3
  • 🏢 321 Cities Represented
  • 🛠 284 Projects Submitted
  • 👯 45 Ecosystem Partners
  • 💸 $350,000+ in Prizes
  • 🚀 459 Projects
  • 🏆 12 Finalists

🇮🇳 The ETHIndia Kickoff & First Day

ETHIndia 2022 was one for the books.
Thousands of hackers joined us from every corner of the globe.
Hackers show off their excitement at the ETHIndia Photobooth.
Conversations flowed in our food area, where hackers could grab tasty meals between workshops.
Our Cricket Batting activity was a hit with hackers.
Hackers fly kites in the wind during our Kite Flying activity.

🧨Countdown to Submission

A team presents their work at Partner Judging

👩‍⚖️🧑‍⚖️ Main Judging

A team presents their work during Main Judging.

🏆The ETHIndia Closing Ceremony

ETHGlobal’s Kartik Talwar kicking off the Closing Ceremony

🥇 The ETHIndia Finalists


Rescue your Ethereum Tokens and NFT’s from compromised accounts.

Web3Rescue saves you from stress.

🔗 ChainPe

A non-custodial wallet that lets you pay to any UPI ID via your cryptocurrency balance.

A glimpse into the beauty of the ChainPe mobile app.

🚨 Block Alerts

Block Alerts provide a platform to set up alerts in your smart contracts.

Block Alerts proves that alerts can look cool too!

🎳 Bowled

Live your dream of owning a T20 cricket team!

Wanted to own a cricket team? Now you can!

💳 DePay

Scale, Secure, Decentralize

The DePay dashboard in all its glory.

🔎 Persona bot-wallet detection

Identify bots to help dapps engage with real web3 users.

A beautiful visualization of the ecosystem of dApp users.

⭐️ Sadaiv CI

A continuous integration pipeline that backs up your GitHub contributions on the Decentralized Network without you worrying about it.

A look at the Sadaiv dashboard.
A view of the Proof of Trust dashboard.

🔒 ETHGuard

Responsive ML based Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection for VSCode.

🔋 ChargeSwap

A Blockchain-based EV-Battery swapping solution.

A snapshot of the ChargeSwap transaction flow.
The Trikl mobile app, complete with leaderboard and content creation tools.
SafeGuard makes it easy to monitor the addresses you work with.

🤝 ETHIndia Partners

Introducing Devfolio, the team that made ETHIndia possible.
A snapshot of our incredible ETHIndia 2022 Partner Teams.

👉 Up Next: 2023 Events

A map showing where



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