ETHIndia 2022

Highlights from our final event of the year.


🇮🇳 The ETHIndia Kickoff & First Day

ETHIndia 2022 was one for the books.
Thousands of hackers joined us from every corner of the globe.
Hackers show off their excitement at the ETHIndia Photobooth.
Conversations flowed in our food area, where hackers could grab tasty meals between workshops.
Our Cricket Batting activity was a hit with hackers.
Hackers fly kites in the wind during our Kite Flying activity.

🧨Countdown to Submission

A team presents their work at Partner Judging

👩‍⚖️🧑‍⚖️ Main Judging

A team presents their work during Main Judging.

🏆The ETHIndia Closing Ceremony

ETHGlobal’s Kartik Talwar kicking off the Closing Ceremony

🥇 The ETHIndia Finalists

Web3Rescue saves you from stress.

What we liked: Outside of all of the technical issues we grapple with on a daily-basis, our ecosystem faces a UX problem at its core. Web3Rescue seeks to solve that, giving users the ability to “rescue” assets from potentially compromised accounts, something that was previously impossible. This is a huge win for adoption, as it will enable new users to act with confidence when jumping into the ecosystem, no longer fearful of the perennial, “I lost all of my funds when I forgot my password” clickbait articles.

A glimpse into the beauty of the ChainPe mobile app.

What we liked: We’re suckers for mobile app implementations of new ideas. ChainPe goes the distance, giving users the ability to buy daily needs with crypto by connecting them to UPI, a massive, existing payment network in India.

Block Alerts proves that alerts can look cool too!

What we liked: Block Alerts is huge for smart contract developers. Why, you might ask? Because with Block Alerts, users no longer need to check Etherscan to verify that their transactions have been executed, and can simply receive alerts straight from the source. We’re excited to see where this team will go next!

Wanted to own a cricket team? Now you can!

What we liked: Bowled was pitched to us in an early Brainstorm Session, and we’re as excited now as we were when we first heard of its offerings. Giving players a chance to own a T20 cricket team, Bowled offers a new take on web3 gaming, with a lot of interesting details underneath the hood. Do yourself a favor and check it out today!

The DePay dashboard in all its glory.

What we liked: DePay enables B2C businesses to receive decentralized payments from multiple sources, effectively bringing some B2C businesses into the web3 ecosystem for the first time. This is a massive advancement for these types of businesses, and we hope to see more from this project in the future.

A beautiful visualization of the ecosystem of dApp users.

What we liked: We all know the impact of bots in our ecosystem. Often used to farm airdrops, bots have become an impediment to projects looking to connect with real users. Persona Bot-Wallet Detection aims to simplify this process, flagging bots and allowing users to connect with real users to progress marketing campaigns and airdrops.

A look at the Sadaiv dashboard.

What we liked: Github has become the source of truth for many developers and projects looking to assess experience in our space, but Github is centralized. Sadaiv aims to buffer the potential issues of data-loss by continuously backing up a user’s Github contributions to a decentralized network, effectively voiding the potential of data being lost. This is huge as the web3 developer ecosystem continues to grow by the hour.

A view of the Proof of Trust dashboard.

What we liked: In the wake of the FTX collapse, it is more apparent than ever before that users need a quick, economical way of verifying proof of reserves on CEX’s. Proof of Trust cuts through the noise by providing an efficient solution to this problem, allowing users to quickly audit and validate the reserves and liabilities of Centralized Exchanges, providing safety and rebuilding trust in the process.

What we liked: ETHGuard takes the guesswork out of code validation, automatically detecting vulnerabilities in Smart Contract code. With ETHGuard, developers can have peace of mind, knowing that the code they build is secure. We’re excited to see how developers will take to this tool, and can’t wait to see what this team builds next.

A snapshot of the ChargeSwap transaction flow.

What we liked: ChargeSwap gives EV-Battery users a new platform for swapping their batteries, complete with decentralized tools to ensure they always receive the most-charged battery with each transaction. As the rise of EVs continues, projects like ChargeSwap will lead the way for users to get the most out of their systems.

The Trikl mobile app, complete with leaderboard and content creation tools.

What we liked: The future of web3 social media is now. With tools like Trikl, users will flock to the web3 social space like never before, and adoption will be pushed through the roof. Trikl gives creators entirely new tools to build and own their work, and we can’t wait to see what creators do with them!

SafeGuard makes it easy to monitor the addresses you work with.

🤝 ETHIndia Partners

Introducing Devfolio, the team that made ETHIndia possible.
A snapshot of our incredible ETHIndia 2022 Partner Teams.

👉 Up Next: 2023 Events

A map showing where



Onboarding thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. Supported by L4, SV Angel, and the Ethereum Foundation.

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Onboarding thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. Supported by L4, SV Angel, and the Ethereum Foundation.