ETHMexico 2022

The future of web3 in LATAM is bright.

10 min readAug 26, 2022
ETHMexico was one for the books.

We knew ETHMexico was going to be a special event from the moment it was announced. It had been over four years since we hosted an event in Latin America, and we aimed to bring to the table all that we had learned in that time. ETHMexico was so much more than just a hackathon, offering a glimpse into the excitement building in the LATAM web3 space—one of the fastest growing communities in our ecosystem. With 400+ hackers launching 92 new projects to take home $150k+ in prizes, we’re proud to report that ETHMexico has been one of our most impactful events yet.

🇲🇽ETHMexico, by the numbers:

  • 🙋‍♂️ 580 Attendees
  • 🛠 92 Projects Submitted
  • 🤝 16 Partner Teams
  • 💸 $150,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 27 Countries + 65% From Latin America
  • 🥳 46% New to Web3
  • 🏆 12 Finalists

🚀The ETHMexico Kickoff & Opening Ceremony

See what you missed from the first day of ETHMexico.

ETHMexico was a whirlwind of excitement starting from the moment our hackers walked through the doors. Beginning with an exciting live VR Art performance from Creatress Sarai, the Opening Ceremony set a positive tone for the weekend. Evan Van Ness and Kartik Talwar soon followed, officially opening the event and excitedly announcing the prizes to a captivated audience.

Following their preview of the weekend, the Ethereum Foundation’s Aya Miyaguchi took to the stage to offer insight into the future of Ethereum in Latin America. Shortly after, Skylar Weaver joined us to discuss Proof-of-Stake and the upcoming Merge, the topic on everyone’s minds. As the night progressed, in-depth workshops from Steph Orpilla, Sebastian Bolanos, Miguel Piedrafita, Chris Waclawek, and Flywill kept the energy high, offering hackers valuable insights into their potential hackathon builds.

Aya Miyaguchi’s Keynote talk at ETHMexico.

Our in-person events are characterized by their positive energy, and ETHMexico was no different. Hackers quickly took to our Discord server and conversations in multiple languages started to buzz. Funneling these positive vibes into their builds, some quickly got to work scoping out their projects, while others flocked to the Team Formation & Brainstorming Session. The excitement in the crowd was contagious, and each team hurried to find space to work with their new friends.

☕️ Saturday Morning Buidling

As time was of the essence, most of our Hackers got an early start to their Saturday morning. Coffee and refreshments offered stimulation to our early-risers, and sustenance for our all-nighters. A new energy started to sweep through the crowd as Hackers set their eyes on the opportunities a new day could provide.

Local food & beverage kept our Hackers energized for the weekend.

By mid-day, dozens of new teams were hard at work, focusing intently on their projects. Those who sought a creative break attended the Huichol Art Beading Workshop offered at the Main Stage. The Workshop allowed Hackers to put their project stress on pause, immerse themselves in art and history, and create something truly unique. On top of that, our highly-attended Project Feedback Session placed Hackers and Technical Mentors together to hash out pre-submission fixes. Sunday was only hours away, and the clock was ticking.

The Huichol Art Beading Workshop was full of fun.

⏰ Countdown to Submission

Unlike the previous night, Sunday saw many staying up late into the night, pushing themselves to the limit to complete their projects. Our midnight tacos were a hit, and gave hackers the last bit of strength needed to tackle the final hurdles of their builds. By morning, a nervous excitement was in the air. Teams raced to add finishing touches watching the clock tick away to the submission deadline. Finally, at 9am, a wave of relief and satisfaction swept over the building. From that moment on, it was hugs and high-fives as Hackers congratulated each other on their monumental efforts.

Hackers stayed up late into the night,perfecting their masterpieces.

👩‍⚖️ Project Judging & Closing Ceremonies

Judging began almost immediately following the submission deadline. Twelve ecosystem experts joined us to judge the 92 hackathon projects, giving teams vital face-time and feedback from those leading the space. While most waited to present their projects at Main Judging, a number of hackers took the opportunity to show off their work to our Partner Teams at their booths.

A team presents their work during Main Judging.

The building was abuzz with excitement, and after a few hours all projects had gotten a chance to receive feedback. Upon collecting the judges’ scores, our team dove deep into preparing the announcements for the closing ceremony. After much deliberation, 12 teams were chosen to represent some of the most innovative and well executed projects to come out of ETHMexico. These nascent projects offer a window into the promising future of the LATAM web3 community. Take a look at the winning projects below, and learn more about all the teams who participated via our Showcase.

Vitalik Buterin received a custom Sombrero from the audience while speaking at the Closing Ceremonies.

Following the Finalist demos, Vitalik Buterin headlined our Closing Ceremonies, giving a spirited talk on the future of Ethereum. Diving into subjects like the upcoming Merge, the Ethereum Foundation’s focus on LATAM, and the state of web3, Buterin captivated the audience and added a new level of excitement to an already incredible event. Our 12 Finalists represent some of the most promising projects from the weekend, but we’re confident the event will inspire dozens more in the months to come. Catch up on everything you missed here.

Watch Vitalik’s talk and any workshops you missed on our Youtube Channel.

🏆 The ETHMexico Finalists

🌌 Datamorpho

Dynamic file standard and protocol using cryptography and IPFS that let any file do data metamorphosis over time: datamorphosis

DataMorpho 1 on OpenSea.

The Team: @ariutokintumi, @iglobecreator, @BenDumoulin, @metaversearchi_

What we liked: We’re excited to see a new dimension of value in NFTs. Datamorpho allows NFTs the capability to transform its data-content to a different one already obfuscated and encrypted, with implications for sensitive content and licensing.

🔑 Keyppi

A zero-knowledge private key recovery platform. We secure your keys by implementing zero-knowledge proof, decentralized storage and identity verification using proof-of-personhood.

A visual representation of a sigh of relief.

The Team: @0xyNaMu, @yasmeenroumie, @ataerazo, @doris_hernz, @blackflan

What was cool: Have you ever lost your private key? Would you admit it if the answer was yes? With Keyppi you no longer need to worry. We were stunned when this project was submitted, as it answers an age old question: “If a private key is lost in a forest, and no one is around to find it, will you ever get your access back?”

♦️ Kiwik

Kiwik allows creators and game devs to buy and sell tokenized 3D assets to create higher quality and quantity games and metaverses!

The stunning Kiwik UI.

The Team: @daphachar, @Shannoncase_art, @samangarc22, @claudiapenetra

What was interesting: The metaverse will be built on the backs of 3D assets, so a marketplace to facilitate their usage is a no-brainer. Kiwik makes this often complicated process easier by allowing users to access high-quality models at affordable prices. We’re sure that this project alone will spur development to new heights. And come on, look at that UI!

🛍 Sell Out

The best way to checkout in a dApp. Sell Out is a component library for building delightful Web3 checkout experiences.

Checking out the easy way with Sell Out.

The Team: @jackburrus

What we liked: Since the beginning of crypto, payments have always been at the forefront. Yet in most web3 examples, users run into frustrating payment flows that often cause them to exit carts before they even begin. Sell Out tackles this problem head-on, giving devs a component library to fine tune the details of checkout flows and bring them up to speed with their web2 counterparts.

🏆 Emergence

Emergence is an on-chain video platform that distribute tokens during calls + generates a script for DAO documentation + increases DAO health and onboarding quality.

A look inside the Emergence platform.

The Team: @sha256yan, @dao_punk, @richwarner, @Anuarrk

What we loved: Emergence offers a platform of tools for DAOs aimed at increasing overall health by adding new incentives for members and analytics for community managers. Using Emergence gives new insight to community health and helps grow DAOs to new heights, all while being incredibly easy to use. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this project.


Social content creation of the future, empowering creators and users to take ownership of their social feeds and content

A look at the beautiful Staxx UI.

The Team: @shayesco, @ianmmah, @julia_pepper23, @Mssheenamonique, @mia__bala

What we liked: Staxx is a prime example of why web3 social networks are set to take over in the future. Offering creators new opportunities for ownership, Staxx sets a precedent that web2 networks simply can’t match. We’re excited to see big things from this team in the future.

🏘 BlockCommunity

Dapp for payments and traceability oriented to physical gated communities.

Connecting MetaMask to the BlockCommunity app.

The Team: @proul1, @diegotdlt

What was cool: BlockCommunity is part of a new generation of web3 projects tackling real-world use cases in real estate. By offering community owners new tools to track payments and property, BlockCommunity makes a strong case for new or existing owners to move into the web3 ecosystem.

🤑 ETHPoint

We created a Mobile-first and Point of Sale application for the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystem that brings together TradFi with Web3 through WalletConnect.

The Team: @Oliver_edd, @Victor_Alta, @alexsanc25

What we loved: ETHPoint was one of a number of ETHMexico projects tackling real-world payment problems. By piggybacking off the abundance of mobile platforms in the LATAM community, ETHPoint offers new possibilities for adoption and finacial inclusion. We’re sure we’ll see some pretty interesting updates from this team in the future!

🏃‍♀️ Spiritus

Spiritus is the dynamic NFT creation and management platform focused on facilitating metadata-driven development.

The Team: @0xetash, @0xtygra

What was interesting: Spiritus flattens the levels currently separating NFTs and their metadata, giving users new dimensions of intractability with these budding assets. This extremely useful platform brings a rich metadata experience to the users’ fingertips, and we can’t wait to see what this team does next.

🚩 Ethereum Uncensored

Public good tool on Ethereum that informs when a block may have been intentionally censored. Allows the community to take action against these intentional attacks.

A look at the mechanics behind Ethereum Uncensored

The Team: @teresacd, @anatech_eth, @ulerdogan, @brichis_, @nicobilinkis

What we liked: Ethereum Uncensored was one of the projects that truly blew our judges and audience away. The team focused their efforts on building a public good tool that could inform community members about attacks on the Ethereum chain by noting when a block may have been censored. Read more about this forward-thinking project here.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Reunited

Reunited opens the door to thousands of people whose loved ones are missing to find them in a decentralized way.

Scanning a face into Reunited.

The Team: @kryptomario, @Cotabe_M

What we loved: Reunited sets out to connect family members or friends with lost individuals by providing a decentralized system of storage and an AI facial-recognition tool. This bold project hopes to be the final link between many missing-persons, and gives families new hope for the return of their loved ones. We’re beyond impressed, and truly can’t wait to see what comes next for this team.

💨 Woosh

A jargon-free, crypto cash app welcoming the next billion Web2 users of the world.

A look at the Woosh application.

The Team: @Temo_RH, @roysandoval_, @araujoeth, @Kenkhwin1

What we liked: The success of instant payment applications is no secret. Whoosh offers a glimpse into the future of web3 instant payments, providing users a quick and efficient method to process financial transactions between friends. Its ease of use and smooth UI might be the final push for many web2 users to join the ecosystem, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

🤝 ETHMexico Partners

This entire event would not have been possible without the dedicated support of our Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, judges, volunteers, and local community. We are grateful to work with such incredible people to bring these events to life. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem, and we believe ETHMexico was a crucial step towards achieving that goal in LATAM.

Some of our incredible ETHMexico Partner teams.

👉 Up Next: ETHOnline + ETHBogotá

Two of our biggest events are right around the corner.

Our next event starts in just a few days! Join us September 2nd — 28th for this year’s ETHOnline — an entire month devoted to the future of web3! Last year’s record-breaking event was one of the highlights of our year, and this year we’re going even bigger. Apply today and hack alongside thousands of developers and creatives just like you.

IRL events more your style? Join us in October 7th-9th for ETHBogotá, our long-awaited IRL hackathon in Colombia. This weekend-long in-person event picks up right where ETHMexico left off. Spots are filling up fast, don’t miss your chance to be part of our next LATAM event.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about future events and tag us in your project updates. We can’t wait to see what you build next!




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