ETHOnline 2022

Our biggest event ever just got bigger.

10 min readSep 30, 2022
ETHOnline 2022 was officially our biggest event ever!

The idea for the first ETHOnline formed out of necessity. As the pandemic loomed over our in-person events, we raced to create a virtual equivalent that could inspire the same magical feeling. Two years later, ETHOnline has grown into one of the most exciting events on our calendar. This year’s event surpassed all expectations, with 1780 Hackers launching 360 projects to take home over $350k+ in prizes. Read the recap of our biggest event ever below!

🚀 ETHOnline 2022 TL;DR

  • 🙋‍♂️ 1780 Hackers
  • 🛠 360 Projects Submitted
  • 👩‍🏫 110 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 👯 35 Ecosystem Partners
  • 🏔 4 Single-day Summits
  • 💸 $350,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 100 Countries + 22 Timezones
  • 🏆 14 Finalists
Catch up on all the highlights via Youtube

🧱 The ETHOnline Kickoff & DevTools Summit

From the moment we started, we knew things were different. Hundreds of new developers and creatives flooded our Discord and teams started to take shape. The enthusiasm continued into the ETHOnline Kick-off and DevTools Summit, a full afternoon of talks on the current state of web3 filled with actionable info for our builders. Just like our Discord, the chat was packed with excited devs and creatives looking to learn about web3. Nearly 400 Summit Attendees joined us for the afternooon, hinting at the exciting energy that was to come.

The ETHOnline Kickoff was a blast, watch it here.

To kick things off, we brought in some of the most knowledgeable builders in the ecosystem. Adam Fuller, Tasuku Nakamura, and crv.mktcap.eth started the day strong, discussing topics ranging from How to Have Fun with Hardhat, to Solidity Best Practices, and Vyper + DeFi. By this point in the afternoon, audiences were energized and excited to learn about the tools they’d be using to build their hackathon projects.

Wanna know more about Solidity? Don’t miss Tasuku Nakamura’s workshop.

Right after that, Kaan Uzdogan walked us through Human-friendly Contract Interactions with Sourcify Verification, adding fun moments to the day. Harikrishnan Mulackal, and Tom Meagher followed, giving hackers new insight into Solidity and wagmi. Richard Moore’s, brief foray into v6, and Christine Renee Perry’s discussion on How to Leverage Zero Gas Fees on SKALE closed the afternoon out on a high note, with conversations flowing back over to Discord after the Summit ended.

💪 The ETHOnline Workshops

Check out Austin Griffith & Kevin Jones’ Scaffold-eth workshop.

Much like our other other events, ETHOnline hackers were treated to in-depth workshops from some of the leading minds in our ecosystem. Austin Griffith & Kevin Jones’ Scaffold-eth was a prime example. Their beginner-to-intermediate focused workshop series has been a staple at our events, and this iteration did not disappoint. On top of these informational workshops, hackers were given opportunities to network and build teams during our Team Formation & Brainstorming Sessions. These sessions aimed to bring participants together in new ways, giving them chances to meet new friends, get started on interesting projects, and get feedback on their ideas from Partner Teams.

🏔 The ETHOnline DevTools, Coordination, Impact of Ethereum, and Optimism Summits

Alisha.eth’s Social Rules for DAOs talk kicked off the ETHOnline Coordination Summit.

With nearly two-thousand hackers joining us from nearly every corner of the world, it felt only fitting to deliver an equally impressive amount of content. The four ETHOnline Summits aimed to do just that—bring in the best of the best in our ecosystem to discuss things from Social Rules for DAOs, to Ethereum as a Public Good, and everything in-between. Each of the DevTools, Coordination, and Impact of Ethereum Summits celebrated the rapid progress of the web3 space, while the Optimism Summit offered hackers a rare chance to learn about the efforts and ideas of one of the teams at the forefront of the space.

Too many incredible talks to list! Go to our Youtube Channel to see them all.

Within each Summit was a who’s-who of influential minds and talented teachers. The Coordination Summit saw talks from speakers like Alisha.eth, Kydo, and Will Papper, while the Optimism Summit dove deep into conversations with Karl Floersch, Joshua Gutow, and Norswap. The Impact of Ethereum Summit looked towards the future, discussing the ramifications of our today’s work and the opportunities presented to those just joining web3. Talks from Bruno Lulinski, Scott Moore, and Tina He, gave packed audiences a glimpse into the ways Ethereum is transforming the modern world. For one month, ETHOnline was the hottest spot in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Learn more about the future of privacy in Bruno Lulinski’s workshop.

🙌 Submissions and Judging

Our Hackers were anxious to show off their builds by the time the Submissions Deadline rolled around. As each team raced to complete their project before the time limit, a mix of nervousness and excitement started to bubble up in the Discord channels. One by one, projects started to roll in, and a wave of joy washed over the hacker field. An entire month of building had gone by, seemingly in the blink of an eye, and congratulations were passed all around. 360 projects took root at ETHOnline 2022, smashing the previous year’s record (and making the job of picking our Finalists even harder.)

We selected 14 finalists to represent the most forward-thinking, and best-executed work out of the projects submitted. These incredible builds impressed our judges and team and represent the next generation of web3 primitives. Check out each of the Finalists below, and see all of the projects on our Showcase.

🔭 Telescope

Telescope is a cross-chain Transaction Explorer built to provide an enhanced user experience understanding the movement of funds on-chain.

The Telescope “Transaction Explorer” interface.

The Team: @iamminci

What we loved: Telescope hits directly at the UX problem facing web3 by providing a simple, user-oriented “transaction explorer” geared towards ecosystem newcomers. We’re hoping to see this get built out, as applications like these could turn out to be mass adoption’s silver bullet.

🧩 ENSEverywhere

Buy, trade, and bridge ENS domains on L2s with the same cheap gas fees you would expect from L2s.

ENS Everywhere provides massive opportunities for ENS domains on L2s.

The Team: @dmihal, @kallemoen, @charly_mrtn

What we loved: ENS Everywhere provides a simple, but killer solution to adoption that probably had some of our judges wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?” This project will mark a crucial turning point in the growth of our ecosystem, and we’re excited to see where they’ll go next.

📦 Stackr Network

An SDK for building application-specific rollups using a decentralized network of independent sequencers.

Stackr Network makes everything easy.

The Team: @kautukkundan, @ShauryaAg, @shivam7vastava

What we loved: Stackr Network opens up new opportunities for developers looking looking to optimize data efficiency without centralizing. By providing a unique SDK with a decentralized network of pre-built sequencers, Stackr Network ushers in a new chapter for the scaling of the ecosystem.

💦 WaterDrops

WaterDrops works like a regular claimable airdrop except the tokens are streamed to the recipient overtime.

The WaterDrops user interface lets users easily access airdropped tokens.

The Team: @mikeghen

What we loved: WaterDrops offers a unique take on the classic airdrop, giving users the ability to stream tokens to recipients over time, rather than all at once. This upends the usual “claim and dump” cycle of many airdropped tokens, and protects the issuers against that main type of user-based volatility.

🎹 Inari synth

Inari synth is an interface for decentralized social media with image synthesis built-in.

Inari Synth demoing at ETHOnline 2022.

The Team: @emmajane1313

What we loved: Inari Synth puts the power back in creators’ hands by building a user-friendly interface for image synthesis that works directly with Lens. With each post, Inari Synth hopes to give you greater ownership and we think that’s absolutely a mission we can get behind.

🌊 Flow Theory

Flow Theory is bringing Real Cashflow to On-Chain Lending with Real-Time Interest Payments.

Flowtheory blew away the judges and mentors at ETHOnline 2022.

The Team: @sunnyjaycer, @artusmichal, @0xbanky

What we loved: Flow Theory updates the traditional credit system with a web3 twist—money streams. Utilizing continually streamed payments, Flow Theory hopes to equalize the balance of interest vs. risk for borrowers and lenders in the web3 ecosystem. We have a feeling that big things are ahead for this project.

🪐 Interplanetary Fonts

A decentralized NFT marketplace & collaboration platform for creators and collectors of Fonts.

Interplanetary Fonts brings the world of type design into the web3-era.

The Team: @eduairet, @killettertype, @J_pizzl3, @hyperalchemy

What we loved: Type designers are often overlooked in the conversations about digital sovereignty, decentralization, and content creation in web3. Interplanetary Fonts tackles this problem head-on, creating a user-friendly marketplace for designers to interact and collaborate on Font-NFTs.

🤑 Kari Protocol

Kari Protocol is a direct-to-wallet advertising platform, allowing web3 companies to advertise to specific customer groups based on their on-chain assets and activities.

A look at the sleek Kari Protocol UI.

The Team: @0xWolfgang_, @somnus0x, @apemon_chan, @iworktoearn, @Somegirl_art

What we loved: There’s no other way to say it—Kari Protocol is a game-changer for the web3 marketing-space. Kari debuts a revolutionary direct-to-wallet advertising platform that allows companies to engage with web3 users with new levels of access. Big things on the horizon for this team.

⛽️ L2 Optimizoooors

Gas efficient routers for L2 applications. With custom contracts that use less call data than standard methods we can reduce transactions costs for users.

L2 Optimizoooors demoing at ETHOnline 2022.

The Team: @msolomon44, @garyghayrat, @wildmolasses, @bendifrancesco

What we loved: We’re down to support any project that minmizes transaction costs, especially if it’s built with end-users in mind. L2 Optimizoooors does just that, and we tip our hats to the inventive team behind the project!

😇 0xSauce

0xSauceis an on-chain blacklisted NFT oracle; A guard to the future NFT financialization. Let’s get saucy with your NFTs!

The 0xSauce UI is mysterious and exciting.

The Team: @lljxx1

What we loved: 0xSauce aims to combat the growing segment of stolen and otherwise blacklisted NFT assets by allowing users to check NFTs to see if they are blacklisted by major marketplaces as well as receive notifications to activity surrounding them. Well built, sleek UI just adds a cherry on top.

🏦 RevFi

DeFi Lending platform matching companies generating revenue and DeFi lenders.

A snapshot of the RevFi marketplace.

The Team: @MrPitis, @adarshzpatel, @Lisanaaa4, @wosigor

What we loved: RevFi aims to democratize the investing process by way of a platform that matches stable companies to willing lenders—cutting out dozens of potential middlemen. Connecting the dots between lenders and borrowers will help bring a new generation of web3 native lenders into the mix.


No code web3 integration solution allowing anyone to create workflows connecting multiple web3 solutions through graphical user interface only.

The TurboDIPaas user interface is sight to behold.

The Team: @deliriusz_eth, @chwalisg

What we loved: No-code solutions brought millions of new users deeper into web2, now it’s time for web3 to do the same. TurboDIPaas creates an intuitive graphical user interface to connect the dots between existing web3 solutions, offering worlds of opportunity to those new to the ecosystem. Yes, this is that big.

🐣 n00b wallets & Lensmo

Send NFTs & airdrops to anyone on the internet, no wallet required.

Lensmo makes it easy to send airdrops to anyone in the world.

The Team: @corbpage, @mikelxc, @eiber_david, @paymagic_

What we loved: By automatically setting up “n00b wallets” for users, tied to their social media accounts, Lensmo reduces the last bit of friction for those looking to send airdrops to communities around the world. We’re excited to see what’s next for this project.

🖨 No Cost Subscriptions

Add more revenue with No Cost Subscriptions for your user base, monetization without farming sensitive user data. NCS allows users to subscribe by saving with their favorite businesses.

No Cost Subscriptions offers new opportunities for businesses to connect with users.

The Team: @joelcodes

What we loved: NCS offers businesses a new kind of subscription model, allowing new pathways for monetization without the pitfalls of sensitive data collection. We’re excited to see how this project will change the ways users will interact with businesses on a global scale.

👯‍♀️ Our ETHOnline 2022 Partners

This event would not have been possible without the support of our Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, and judges. We owe the success of this event to the community that has supported us since the very beginning. This year’s event was our largest event ever, and we hope to continue building on that vision (and working out the kinks) over the coming months and years.

The support of our Partner teams allows us to continue to provide this event (and all others) free of charge for all who wish to attend. Take a look at some of our key partners below!

A look at our incredible ETHOnline 2022 Partners.

🗓 Up Next: ETHSanFrancisco 🌉

Our next IRL event is shaping up to be even bigger!

Join us November 4th-6th for ETHSanFrancisco—our first west-coast event in nearly four years! If you enjoyed hacking at our recent events, you won’t want to miss this one. Apply today and get ready to hack with thousands of developers & creatives in the tech capital of the world. Best part? We’ve already got $200k+ in prizes on the table, and we’re just getting started.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about future events and tag us in your project updates. We can’t wait to see what you build next!




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