Hack FEVM 2022

The world’s first hackathon on the FEVM

7 min readNov 28, 2022
The world’s first FEVM hackathon was an incredible success.

For one weekend this November, our community rallied around the new FEVM— the Ethereum-compatible layer of the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). Hack FEVM offered builders from around the world a glimpse of a nascent project at the bleeding edge of our ecosystem—the true frontier of web3. With 400 hackers launching 117 projects to take home over $50k+ in prizes, we’re excited to report that our final online hackathon for the year was a success beyond imagination.

🌿 Hack FEVM at a glance:

  • 👩🏼 400 Hackers
  • 💸 $50,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌏 70 Countries
  • ⏳ 19 Time Zones
  • 🛠️ 117 Projects Submitted
  • 🌟 9 Finalists

The Hack FEVM Kickoff & FEVM Summit

From day one, it was clear this event would be different. Unlike previous events, Hack FEVM gave developers a unique opportunity to build on the new, Ethereum-compatible layer of the Filecoin Virtual Machine. As the FEVM is in its early stages of development, our hackers were keen to gain firsthand knowledge from the teams working to drive it forward, and our first day was packed with content to do just that.

See everything you missed on our Youtube Channel.

We filled hours of workshops into the first day in order to give hackers exposure to the nascent FEVM. Talks from Molly Mackinlay, Sarah Thiam, Jon Schwartz, Ainhoa Aldave, Zak Ayesh, Ines Pereira, Charles Cao, João Santos, and Pooja Shah drew large crowds, spurring intense conversations throughout the Discord channels on how to build their ideas on this new platform. Hackers were hungry for documentation and eagerly discusses their plans for the weekend.

🚀 Exploring the Frontier: Day 2

Over the course of the next day, our hackers got to work bringing their ideas to fruition. Conversations in our Discord started to take shape, as did dozens of inventive projects focused on storage, voting, Data DAOs, and everything in between. Hackers who had participated in our Team Formation Session prior to the event quickly grouped up with their new teammates, while our solo hackers raced to complete their designs in such a short time frame.

Our Tech Mentors and FVM devs fielded hundreds, if not thousands of questions over the weekend, assisting hackers of all experience levels. Their support allowed teams to take risks and experiment with fundamentally new ideas and helped the participants of Hack FEVM to push the envelope even further.

Check out Molly Mackinlay’s FVM Summit Keynote.

From that point on it was full steam ahead for a majority of our builders. Chatter on our channels continued late into the afternoon as hackers settled down to build, and excitement could be felt throughout the field of participants. With only a few hours to go until the submission deadline, many of our hackers stayed up late into the night to finish their builds, putting the finishing touches on their masterpieces.

🏆The Hack FEVM Finale + Finalists

The Finale was incredible, see what you missed here.

The Hack FEVM Finale was a triumphant close to an incredible event. Our Livestream buzzed with excitement as our Finalists took to the stage—our audience anxiously awaiting the presentation of live demos. We selected 9 teams from 117 total projects to represent some of the most impressive builds to come out of our event. These projects offer a glimpse into the next generation of ecosystem leaders and are each impressive in their own right. Check out their work below, and see all of the Hack FEVM builds on our Showcase.

📭 Soulmates

Soulbound tokens with provably stored metadata, powered by F(E)VM.

A view of the soulbound token creation process.

The Team: @_rohan_agarwal, @pooja_eth, @abdo_eth, @Carsonroscoe7, @thehfccr

What we liked: Soulmates adds new functionality to the burgeoning soulbound token space, giving users the ability to issue tokens on the FEVM. Marrying the benefits of SBTs and the FEVM makes a lot of sense, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll build next.

🏛 Koios

Koios is the no-code Data Dao platform where you can Launch, Manage, and Upgrade Data DAOs then enable data publishers, algorithm developers, and consumers to manage and use datasets.

A view of the Koios platform in all its beauty.

The Team: @MarkObonna

What we liked: We love to see the no-code side of Data Dao platforms take off, if only because it’ll help ramp up adoption! On top of being easy to use, Koios brings new tools to data publishers and other users in a nice package.

🌐 DataMarket

DataMarket is an open blockchain platform designed to enable anyone to create Data purchase or checkout pages on the FEVM network

Simple, effective, and sleek, what’s not to like?

The Team: @chrisbcore

What we liked: DataMarket pushes adoption by simplifying the ways users can create purchase or checkout pages on the new FEVM network. DataMarket stands to produce the same ripple effects as Square or Shopify plugins for the current web3 ecosystem.

🤝 ZKsig NFTs

Marketplace delegated authorization using NFTs and legally binding agreements.

A snapshot of the NFT Deal Client Contract.

The Team: @zksigio

What we liked: ZKsign NFTs offers us a glimpse into the future of legal contracts on-chain. “DocuSign meets the blockchain,” is a perfect way to think of this project, and we’re sure we’ll see more from this team soon!

🖼 CatalogDAO

Catalog is a dMRV Data DAO. The catalog is an incentivized network of regeneration advocates, storage providers, and researchers, working to support local carbon projects.

A bird’s eye view of the CatalogDAO ecosystem.

The Team: @01art3, @wildanvin

What we liked: CatalogDAO simplifies work of data providers and researchers on nature-based carbon projects by increasing efficiency, transparency, and integrity. CatalogDAO offers a window into the future of effective collaboration across distributed projects that share collective goals.

🔐 SolShare Wallet

The #1 wallet in FEVM that allows you to configure 2FA with 2 different wallets, increasing the security of your transactions and protecting your assets from possible attacks.

The Team: @fedeloters

What we liked: SolShare doubles the potential security of 2FA by allowing users to configure two separate wallets to the authentication process. Increased security is a benefit to all users, and we think you’ll agree it looks sleek too!


A data DAO that empowers consumers to turn their data, in particular, their credit card transaction data, into assets, to have true ownership over their data.

The Team: @35mmChemistry, @findramvittal, @exopi_1111, @kkkawang, @caruso33

What we liked: SPN DAO works to give users ownership over their data by turning credit card transaction data into assets. This process allows users to finally be rewarded for being participants in larger data markets, and offers them a seat at the table in our global credit economy.

🦕 CredLancer

On-chain Credentialing & Collaboration Platform for Organizations and Freelancers.

The Team: @mirnaampuero__, @Cyberroninn, @actjust, @JulioMCruz

What we liked: Think UpWork, but for web3, and you’re getting close to understanding how important CredLancer is for the future of decentralized collaboration. We’re excited to see how freelancers will take to this tool, and are sure this will benefit mass adoption.

😜 FIL-Peggy

A playground & lending smart contract based on FVM that can manage miners, accept deposits for collateral, and distribute rewards to users.

A look under the hood of the FIL-Peggy system.

The Team: @web3_eye

What we liked: FIL-Peggy offers Filecoin miners a new suite of tools to help simplify the process of running their nodes, owning their accounts, and getting their rewards. We’re sure this project will directly benefit the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem, and we’re excited to see where it’ll go next.

🤝 Thank You

This event was a huge step forward for our ecosystem.

The world’s first FEVM hackathon would not have been possible without the generous support of our friends over at IPFS/Filecoin, who put in long hours to support our hackers. In addition, we want to thank the many tech mentors, judges, and support staff that made the event run behind the scenes. Finally, we want to thank our hackers and the ETHGlobal community for continuing to inspire us. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem, and we know Hack FEVM has been a crucial step in that direction.

👉 Up Next: 2023

Next year is right around the corner and we have a lot planned. Stay tuned for a full update on our 2023 Calendar over the next few weeks and get hype to hack some more!

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