Hack FEVM 2022

The world’s first hackathon on the FEVM

The world’s first FEVM hackathon was an incredible success.

🌿 Hack FEVM at a glance:

  • 👩🏼 400 Hackers
  • 💸 $50,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌏 70 Countries
  • ⏳ 19 Time Zones
  • 🛠️ 117 Projects Submitted
  • 🌟 9 Finalists

The Hack FEVM Kickoff & FEVM Summit

From day one, it was clear this event would be different. Unlike previous events, Hack FEVM gave developers a unique opportunity to build on the new, Ethereum-compatible layer of the Filecoin Virtual Machine. As the FEVM is in its early stages of development, our hackers were keen to gain firsthand knowledge from the teams working to drive it forward, and our first day was packed with content to do just that.

See everything you missed on our Youtube Channel.

🚀 Exploring the Frontier: Day 2

Over the course of the next day, our hackers got to work bringing their ideas to fruition. Conversations in our Discord started to take shape, as did dozens of inventive projects focused on storage, voting, Data DAOs, and everything in between. Hackers who had participated in our Team Formation Session prior to the event quickly grouped up with their new teammates, while our solo hackers raced to complete their designs in such a short time frame.

Check out Molly Mackinlay’s FVM Summit Keynote.

🏆The Hack FEVM Finale + Finalists

The Finale was incredible, see what you missed here.

📭 Soulmates

Soulbound tokens with provably stored metadata, powered by F(E)VM.

A view of the soulbound token creation process.

🏛 Koios

Koios is the no-code Data Dao platform where you can Launch, Manage, and Upgrade Data DAOs then enable data publishers, algorithm developers, and consumers to manage and use datasets.

A view of the Koios platform in all its beauty.

🌐 DataMarket

DataMarket is an open blockchain platform designed to enable anyone to create Data purchase or checkout pages on the FEVM network

Simple, effective, and sleek, what’s not to like?

🤝 ZKsig NFTs

Marketplace delegated authorization using NFTs and legally binding agreements.

A snapshot of the NFT Deal Client Contract.

🖼 CatalogDAO

Catalog is a dMRV Data DAO. The catalog is an incentivized network of regeneration advocates, storage providers, and researchers, working to support local carbon projects.

A bird’s eye view of the CatalogDAO ecosystem.

🔐 SolShare Wallet

The #1 wallet in FEVM that allows you to configure 2FA with 2 different wallets, increasing the security of your transactions and protecting your assets from possible attacks.


A data DAO that empowers consumers to turn their data, in particular, their credit card transaction data, into assets, to have true ownership over their data.

🦕 CredLancer

On-chain Credentialing & Collaboration Platform for Organizations and Freelancers.

😜 FIL-Peggy

A playground & lending smart contract based on FVM that can manage miners, accept deposits for collateral, and distribute rewards to users.

A look under the hood of the FIL-Peggy system.

🤝 Thank You

This event was a huge step forward for our ecosystem.

👉 Up Next: 2023

Next year is right around the corner and we have a lot planned. Stay tuned for a full update on our 2023 Calendar over the next few weeks and get hype to hack some more!



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