HackFS 2022

Highlights from our Biggest HackFS Yet!

This year’s HackFS was officially our biggest event ever.

🚀 HackFS 2022 TL;DR

  • 🙋‍♂️ 954 Hackers
  • 🛠 197 Projects Submitted
  • 👩‍🏫 17 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 👯 18 Ecosystem Partners
  • 💸 $200,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 65 Countries + 16 Timezones
  • 🏆 10 Finalists
Catch up on everything you missed on our Youtube Channel.

🚀 Starting the Rockets: The HackFS Kickoff

Each year HackFS grows larger and more impactful. The first edition of HackFS saw a few hundred hackers collaborate online, and the next year’s event saw a few hundred more. This year, close to one thousand participants had joined us by the Kickoff, and who better to give the opening remarks than Protocol Labs’ own Juan Benet and Gitcoin’s founder Kevin Owocki? Their discussion on the State of Public Goods Funding gave captivated audiences a taste of the weeks to come, pushing the levels of excitement through the roof.

Find out where past HackFS winners are now!

💨 Launching into the Event: Hacking + Workshops

By the time Kickoff had ended, Hackers had already been treated to a variety of workshops and talks centering around the potential tech they’d be building. Incredibly packed Team Formation and Project Brainstorming Sessions saw literal hundreds of Hackers join forces on Zoom calls to find partners and share ideas. Intense, optimistic energy swept through our Discord as teams started to work, with conversations starting to buzz on hot topics like Public Goods Funding, file sharing, and L2s.

Discordian led Hackers through a session on the possibilities with IPFS & Filecoin

🙌 Submissions and Judging

When it finally came down to project submissions, a nervous excitement could be felt in the crowd. Our Hackers raced to complete their projects in the given time, pushing their biggest ideas as far as they could go before the deadline. Those who attended the Project Feedback Session worked to incorporate the changes suggested by our Technical Mentors and Partner teammates, and many more asked last-minute questions in the community channels.

🏗 Build3r

A multi-purpose web dApp builder platform with composable modules, similar to “legos”, that users drag and drop into a canvas for a WYSIWYG experience. Modules are composable and interoperable meaning they can talk to each other.


GhostShare is the service you use to share a file in a private and decentralized way!

📑 PolyDocs

NFTs & DAOs are more than just deeds & clubs. They reflect rights and terms that require protecting. PolyDocs makes it easy to create immutable, known agreements to ensure everyone is protected.

👀 ChainLook

ChainLook is a decentralized blockchain analytics tool based on TheGraph and IPFS. You can create beautiful widgets and dashboards for Tokens, NFTs, dApps based on data from subgraphs.


InterForm is the web3-native form builder platform. Think Google Forms or Airtable but on decentralized storage. Our mission is to democratize access to data and build a censorship-free world.

🖼 Toffi·bid

Toffi is a decentralized, public orderbook for NFT marketplaces. Place gasless bids/list NFTs without relying on the web2 infrastructure of isolated NFT marketplaces!

💸 Split Protocol

A DeFi protocol that lets you manage shared expenses. Unique about it is that everyone can pay their split in any token out there.

🕶 Optik

Optik is a web3-enabled video-conferencing application. Our platform provides a place for DAO contributors, teams, and groups to host meetings, online events, and more.


True interoperability for the metaverse. Build and mint a virtual world onto Polygon+IPFS, then connect them together with on-chain portals — all from the browser.

💿 RipDB

RipDB is a dead simple, fast, decentralized JSON store built for web3.

👯‍♀️ Our HackFS 2022 Partners

This event would not have been possible without the support of our Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, and judges. We owe the success of this event to the community that has supported us since the very beginning. This year’s event was our largest HackFS yet, and we’re just getting started.

Our incredible HackFS 2022 Partner Teams.

🗓 Up Next: ETHOnline & ETHBogotá



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