Highlights from Web3 Jam

Two weeks devoted to all things web3

Web3 Jam gave budding developers a chance to create without constraint—and color outside the lines.

Web3 Jam by the numbers

Our Finalists:

🐦 TweEther

TweEther’s easy-to-use UI

📰 3Feed

3Feed in all its glory


DyFactor looking classy


Cryptomurals, ‘nuff said

🖼️ Photure

Hopefully, future Photure iterations will include ethglobal.tv avatar compatibility.

🐚 Seashells


🎟 ENS.me

💸 Backer

🎒 Transdimensional Inventory Service

We’re witnessing the growth of our ecosystem in real-time.

Web3 Jam Partners

Our incredible partners for Web3 Jam 2021

Thanks for an incredible year.

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