Introducing: Pragma 2.0

6 min readJul 11, 2023


Join us in Paris for a refined Pragma experience.

This summer, Paris will be the gathering point to Ethereum’s most pragmatic future thinkers, all in a new, improved Pragma format.

Paris has been the birthplace for a number of significant revolutions. This summer, ETHGlobal is experiencing our very own: We are excited to present the community with several updates and modifications to our upcoming Pragma iteration in Paris. These include an increased agenda focus, enhanced communication and networking opportunities, and changes to the itinerary for the day.

When we first introduced Pragma in Japan, this is what we hoped to provide for the community:

“With a focus on intimacy, Pragma serves as a hub for high-quality talks and as a forum of discussion for builders and leaders from Ethereum ecosystem and beyond… Ethereum builders may recognize the name, as all blockchain programs start with a pragma, and starting with Tokyo, all ETHGlobal hackathons will as well. Pragma is not just the start of a builder's journey, but also a call towards pragmatism. Our hope is that Pragma will serve as the backbone of our pragmatic effort to bring Ethereum and Web3 to wider audiences and move the needle for the ecosystem.”

Nothing has changed about our commitment to this credo, and we are excited to deliver even further on our initial promise this year in Paris, to ensure you can learn from the best in a vibrant environment with other members from all across the globe — who are all eager to push the boundaries of what is possible with web3.

The theme for Pragma Paris: The Future of Ethereum

Last year Ethereum deployed its largest upgrade yet: Proof of stake, but PoS is not the be all end all of the future of Ethereum. Layer 2 rollups, zero knowledge proofs and scaling, restaking, account abstraction, and more — there’s lots of ground to cover.

Regardless if you are a developer or not: We firmly believe, that everyone with an interest in web3 and Ethereum should be given the opportunity to understand current advancements and the different future outlooks this field offers. At the end of the day, our industry needs a well curated community that possesses different skillsets in order to grow and be able to face the upcoming challenges.

🔐 The Speaker Line-Up: A first sneak peek

We don’t want to give away too much and rather have you discover the new and improved Paris Pragma experience for yourself, but here are some of the highlights on the agenda that you can look forward to:

Please keep an eye on our website for the latest updates:

The changes

Following each Pragma in Tokyo, Lisbon, and Waterloo, our team has been continuously striving to reflect on the positive and negative feedback for our performance at previous event experiences. We have identified a number of areas in which there is room for improvement but also our key priorities.

From finding unique locations that foster discussion and learning, to the information available and opportunities for attendees to network and connect with each other before and after the event. Here’s what’s changing:

💬 Discord Channel
The fact that the Pragma community, much like our hacker community, is following us around the world, wants to keep in touch with the like-minded individuals in the room, and thinks about ways to do, so is really exciting to us. Therefore we are thrilled to unlock “The Pragma Vault” in our Discord server for all confirmed attendees. In the future, attendees will get added to the chat on a rolling basis and you receive all crucial information about the event on Discord first.

💲 Updated Ticket Pricing
We want to address that we also made some changes to the ticket prices: Hackers still enjoy a 50% discount compared to the standard ticket that is open to everyone. General admission for all attendees now comes in at $198 USD, while confirmed hackers only pay $99 USD. In both cases, your ticket includes:

✨ Full access to all content
🛍 Exclusive Pragma Swag
🥗 Food & Drinks
🌐 Networking opportunities
🎁 Personal NFT

One more thing…

If you purchase a ticket to Pragma Paris, your ticket comes with a Pragma Pass 🎟.

Pragma Pass is your ticket to the rest of the year, offering 50% discounted attendance to all future Pragmas in the 2023 season. Additionally, access to our full library of past Pragma talks, a special badge in our community to show off, and future exclusive perks will be available to our Pragma Pass holders. In the past we’ve handed out limited edition swag, Cryptokitties, and other surprises! 👀

We will see you there!

Right in the heart of the city centre, the spectacular Pavillon Vendôme with its’ infamous Vault Room, will provide the ideal backdrop for a focused and personal learning experience with some of the most experienced and insightful speakers the web3 space currently has to offer.

So far, and onto the future

We are lucky to have attracted an incredible set of speakers and live demos thus far. We want to take the time to highlight some of the extraordinary individuals here, so you have a better idea of what a full day at Pragma looks like.

We’re back in Waterloo, where it all began for Ethereum and ETHGlobal: Vitalik Buterin walks the audience through his early experimentations, groundbreaking encounters with humans that have helped shape Ethereum (directly and indirectly) and recent revelations as more and more parts of the world learn about Ethereum.

Watch here:

Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, discussing the immense challenge of cultivating an inclusive, permissionless, and imaginative ecosystem for all. This is a recording from our very first inaugural Pragma in Tokyo.

Watch here:

At the same event, the Balaji Srinivasan provided a thoughtful examination of the issues in the financial system of the United States and how web3 holds the potential to solve them.

Watch here:

When we gathered in the beautiful streets of Lisbon, Portugal, we had the pleasure of welcoming Patricio Worthalter on stage. Having had an incredible impact on NFTs & on-chain collectibles with POAP, Patricio’s grand passion for this space shines through while sharing his takes on what he believes comes next for the ecosystem.

We hope you are just as excited about what the future holds for Pragma!
You can apply here:

🇫🇷 A bientôt | See you in Paris,
The ETHGlobal Team




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