LFGrow 2022

The future of decentralized social media is taking root.

A map of the hundreds of hackers who joined us for LFGrow!

🌿 LFGrow TL;DR:

  • 👩🏽‍💻 540 Staked Hackers
  • 👩🏻‍🦳 75 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 🤝 10 Partner Teams
  • 💸 $200,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 41 Countries
  • ⌛️ 13 Timezones
  • 🛠 124 Projects Submitted
  • 🏆 12 Finalists

🌱 Planting the Seeds: LFGrow Summit

LFGrow was a hackathon like no other, with hackers given access to the brand new Lens Protocol to let their minds run wild. We kicked off the event with a summit on Decentralized Social Media, bringing in Web3 luminaries like Li Jin, Stani Kulechov, and Balaji Srinivasan to discuss the state of Web3 social networks. David Silverman and Josh Stevens joined us from the Lens team to dive deep into the core of what makes Lens so unique, followed by Ramon Marc, Rich Cahill, and Simon Heather, who gave hackers a taste of the possibilities when building with Lens and why social graphs are so important.

The talks and workshops at LFGrow were too good to skip, but if you missed them they’re all on YouTube!
The future of on-chain creation is bright.

🌿 Growing the Roots: Week 2

Over the course of the next week, our hackers got to work bringing their ideas to life. Conversations in our community Discord started taking shape, as did dozens of new-to-world projects. Throughout the week, we offered hackers access to high-level workshops and brainstorming sessions featuring talented minds like Alex Lazar, Zer0dot, Rahat Chowdhury, Chris Cassano, Richard Gottleber, and Vishwa Mehta, giving hackers insight into the tools they were building with.

If you’re still thinking, “wtf is this Lens Protocol thing that everyone keeps talking about?” Here you go.

🪴In Full Bloom: The LFGrow Finale

The Finale featured live demos from our Finalist teams.

🌿The LFGrow Finalists

💰 mad.finance

A Lens Reference Module that enables real-time monetization of your content.

🪴 Lenster

Lenster is an open-source, composable, decentralized, and permissionless social media web app built with Lens Protocol.

🕵️ PrivateAI

This project empowers social platform dApp with powerful AI algorithms and guaranteed privacy.

👁 Iris

Iris — messenger of the gods. Twitter x Patreon x Twitch x TikTok, built on Lens

Iris’ killer UI design in all its glory.

🚢 0xRig

A free virtual crypto phone. Download 0xrig and spin up a new Crypto Phone to talk with your Peers on LENS.

The 0xRig team demoing at LFGrow.

💸 Lens Collect Auctions

Run Dutch (decreasing) & English (increasing bids) auctions for collecting Lens posts.

The Lens Collect Auctions team highlighted their Dutch Auction mechanism during their demo.

Aura Reputation

A new reference module that only allows commenting on a post if the owner of the profile NFT has enough on-chain reputation.

Aura Reputation demoing at LFGrow.

🎟 LensRaffle

Giveaway module for the lens protocol. Easily give some Matic to a truly random follower of a profile. Use it for any dApp built on Lens.

LensRaffle in action.

🔧 Sepana Lens Search

Search and discovery engine for the Lens protocol (including an open API to embed search within other Lens dApps).

Sepana’s user interface was refreshingly clean.

#️⃣ Hashchat

Hashchat — wallet-to-wallet / wallet-to-ProfileNFT encrypted messaging

Hashchat’s chat page.

💬 Zilly

A web3 profile explorer to connect people and communities. Build your network. Show your value. Leverage your connections.

Zilly’s “My Profile” page UI.

✍️ Write Together

Write the next part of other people’s stories or start your own story and see how others continue it.

Write Together’s unique explore page UI.

🌿 LFGrow Partners

When Lens Protocol approached us to create an event focused on the seeds of decentralized social networks, we knew it would be an incredible opportunity for our community to make its mark on the budding space. This hackathon was unlike any we’ve built before, but it would not have been possible without the dedicated support of our Partner Teams.

Our incredible LFGrow 2022 Partner Teams.

Up next… DAOHacks & ETHAmsterdam!

If you’re interested in these events don’t delay, spots are already running out!



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