Metabolism Recap

Metabolism was a truly global event.

To create the future is to push the envelope, and for five days in August, our hackers did just that. This hackathon was an event like no other, intimately pairing developers and creatives together to watch the magic happen. With 425 hackers launching 106 new projects to earn over $100k+ in prizes, we’re confident that Metabolism was a true success. From intimate technical workshops to audio-visual experimentation, and everything in between—check out our recap of this incredible event below.

👽 Metabolism 2022 TL;DR

  • 🙋‍♂️ 441 Hackers
  • 🛠 106 Projects Submitted
  • 👩🏻‍🦳 55 Ecosystem Mentors
  • 👯 28 Ecosystem Partners
  • 💸 $100,000+ in Prizes
  • 🌍 65 Countries + 16 Timezones
  • 🏆 8 Finalists

👾 Time to Get Weird: The Metabolism Kickoff

The Metabolism Technical Summit offered Hackers front-row seats to the action in our ecosystem.

Metabolism was a fully virtual event built around the idea of uniting developers and creatives in ways only possible in web3. To enhance this idea, we hosted a number of summits focused on giving our hackers actionable information to inform their builds. We infused the Metabolism Technical Summit into the Kickoff, getting right to the action on the first day of the event. Jacob from the Zora team got the afternoon rolling, followed by a discussion with Max Bochman and Iain Nash.

Jem Gold followed, leading a session on custom IERC721Drop extensions to a thrilled audience. Isabella Smallcombe then got down to brass tacks, giving Hackers a thorough Introduction to the ZORA API. With dozens of Hackers new to the ecosystem, this workshop offered many a chance to immerse themselves in Zora for the first time. Dain Blodorn Kim wrapped up the afternoon, discussing the critical importance of user experience in web3.

The future of web3 is frictionless UI.

🙌 Friday + Saturday

A positive energy swept the Discord once our teams started to work. Hackers who still needed teammates offered their skills in the Find-a-Team channel, and bonded over shared creative interests. Our Team Formation Session was packed, with over 100+ Hackers joining in to find teammates, gather inspiration, and vibe with the crowd. If that wasn’t enough, Friday was packed with workshops and talks with Portrait XO, Thomas Haferlach, IV, Aidan Musnitzky, and Songcamp’s Matthew Chaim, and Isaac Patka.

Catch up on all the moments you missed on our Youtube Channel.

Later in the day, Alec Resende took Hackers on a deep dive into Spores, a powerful new platform for remixing audio NFTs. Following that, Alec D’Alelio led an interactive workshop on setting goals for hackathon projects. Astrosuka , Sofja ++ went on after, discussing multimedia work and the possibilities for artists in web3. Mark Sabb then led a workshop on open source tools, and how Felt Zine utilized them for new forms of absurdist art. Austin Griffith, Kyle Dhillon, Panther Modern, Prof, Adam Ludwin, and Neokry rounded out the afternoon, covering introductions to Ethereum, music NFTs, movement in the Metaverse, and everything in-between.

👩🏻‍🎤 The Metabolism Creative Summit

The Creative Summit offered our creator audience valuable insight into web3.

Following an intense weekend of building, we treated Hackers to the Metabolism Creative Summit. This full-day event aimed to give our creative audience insight into the potential for creators to access new tools in web3. Much like the Technical Summit, Hackers got the chance to learn from ecosystem leaders, top-tier creators, and influential builders. Conversations flowed through the chat channels throughout the afternoon, inspired by the energy of the workshops.

Zora’s Michail Stangl started the event off, giving Hackers insight into the possibilities for creators in web3. Metabolism as an event aimed to bring creators and developers closer together and the Creative Summit was the personification of these efforts. Covering topics ranging from DAOs, to Music NFTs, and Queer Culture in web3, the Creative Summit lent itself to the budding creative population within our event.

👩‍⚖️Project Submissions & Judging

The Metabolism community kept the energy flowing throughout the event, and the submissions did not dissapoint. We selected 8 Finalists to represent the most foreward-thinking, and best executed work out of the 106 projects submitted. These incredible projects truly impressed our judges and team, and were completed in only five short days. Check out each of them below, and head over to the Metabolism Showcase to see more!

🦪 Pearl

A platform for type designers and graphic designers to share/sell/discover typefaces and designs on-chain.

The Team: @Celeste_Oyster, @NashQueue, @segebee

What we liked: Finally, a web3 platform specifically for the type designers! We loved that this tackled a decentralized market system but with a new spin, and were blown away by the sleek UI.

💿 MxTape

Curate music, create mixtapes from the public library & your Music NFT collection, chat & create your own subscription model. And: split the income with your favorite musician!

The Team: @parallaxnet, @0xBulls_eth, @lvl99_dev, @anestha_, @jorgehramirezr

What we liked: MxTape is the web3 mixtape app we’ve been waiting for. Impressive execution in such a short timeframe only added to the wow factor for this project.


Decensus is an incentivized decentralized survey for NFT collections with privacy protections. An NFT community gains insights about their own community by answering the questions.

The Team: @takuyakitagawa, @nakaakist, @yosukekmt, @eherrerosj

What we liked: Decensus tackles the pertinent community-level questions of mainstream NFT collections by facing them head-on. Raw data drawn from actual community voices can go a long way to promoting the health of any online community, and Decensus does all of this while providing users with privacy protections.

🔒 Neya

Neya is a fully decentralized 2-factor authenticator that helps you to stay safe on the web 3.0.

The Team: @FanaruDavid, @simionstefan16

What we liked: Simple, but effective, straightforward, and sleek, what’s not to like about Neya? We’re sure we’ll hear more from this team in the future!

🎶 Release Club

A meta-platform for music NFTs. With RC, you gain the benefits of a curated music NFT platform that you control with the NFT contracts that you create.

The Team: @neatonk, @Dhruv1035, @salieflewis, @losingmyego, @CompluW

What we liked: Release Club takes NFT drops to a whole new level, offering creators an entire platform tools to control identity and grow audience while retaining ownership throughout the process.

🎮 Zora Land

Zora Land allows users to discover available tokens and collections on Zora through gaming.

The Team: @Bigtrav205, @Shimmiapp, @thescoho, @w3bbie_xyz

What we liked: Zora Land makes discovering new collections fun by gamifying the process with a nostalgic top-down quest akin to early video game favorites. Find new tokens by simply playing with your character, and view new collections straight from the game.

🎧 Rex

The first music discovery and recommendation engine powered by the blockchain.

The Team: @Corpplaz, @christikaes, @gshenar

What we liked: Rex connects the dots between artists and listeners by serving them recommended on chain content. We’re excited to see the pace at which Music NFTs are evolving, and platforms like this one will remove the friction that currently keeps web2 users from experimenting with web3.

🧬 Attrium

Attrium is an on-chain trait economy built on Zora V3 and Polygon to achieve maximum composability, allowing for true expression of self on the blockchain.

The Team: @shando_eth

What we liked: Attrium flips the status quo on its head, allowing users to have new control over buying and selling attributes through metadata. Instead of users allowing tokens to represent themselves, they can buy or sell elements to customize their ownership.

🤝 Metabolism Partners

This entire event would not have been possible without the dedicated support of our Partner teams, support staff, tech mentors, judges, volunteers, and local community. We are grateful to work with such incredible people to bring these events to life. Our mission since day one has been to onboard as many developers as possible to our ecosystem, and we believe ETHMexico was a crucial step towards achieving that goal in LATAM.

Our incredible Metabolism 2022 Partner Teams.

👉 Up Next: ETHOnline + ETHBogotá

Two of our biggest events are right around the corner.

Our next event starts in just a few days! Join us September 2nd — 28th for this year’s ETHOnline — an entire month devoted to the future of web3! Last year’s record-breaking event was one of the highlights of our year, and this year we’re going even bigger. Apply today and hack alongside thousands of developers and creatives just like you.

IRL events more your style? Join us in Colombia October 7th-9th for ETHBogotá, our long-awaited IRL hackathon in Colombia. This weekend-long in-person event picks up right where ETHMexico left off. Spots are filling up fast, don’t miss your chance to be part of our next LATAM event.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about future events and tag us in your project updates!



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