NFTHack 2022

Building the Future of Non-Fungibles

NFTHack 2022 by the numbers:

  • 800 Staked Hackers
  • 17 Ecosystem Partners
  • $160,000+ in Prizes
  • 68 Countries & 17 Timezones
  • 255 Projects Submitted
  • 16 Finalists

🏆Our Finalists

⚔️ Multi-Contract Battle Royale

Multi-Contract Battle Royale A fully on-chain battle royale, queueing system, & analytics with multi-contract support.

Multi-Contract Battle Royale lets you live out your badass chicken fantasies.

🖼 0xPhotos

Stock photography marketplace using NFTs that puts creators first, and pays royalties every second.

Who says stock photos can’t be decentralized?

🎥 NFT Cam

NFT Cam brings your NFT to AR in one click: NFT Cam can turn any OpenSea NFT link into an interactive AR experience.

Some projects are just fun. This is one of them.


A Minecraft server where you own plots of land as NFTs and all of the block data of each plot is stored in the NFT. This allows anyone to run a server, making it a decentralized Minecraft protocol.

Did this project make us smile? The answer is yes.

🥷 Yoink Club

Releases NFT utility tokens that are otherwise locked in secondary markets and liquidity pools.

Yoink ’em if you got ‘em

🎨 Graffiti Mint

A Dapp to digitize and mint street art from IRL graffiti events.

Invert your screen to see Eazy-E’s cameo appearance in “Thriller” (1982)

🎤 Charisma

Charisma analyzes your personality through your NFT assets and on-chain data. Mint your personality NFT and find similar friends.

Charisma is simple, and simple is beautiful (and pink).

💫 NFTopia

An NFT marketplace fusing the power of DAO and AI, that encourages reviewing NFT to earn rewards, and provides smart insights to help buyers make better decisions.

The NFTopia UI. ‘nuff said.

🤝 DuoMint

Duomint is the stress-free onramp to web3. New users receive an NFT for free and are guided through the magic of web3 without the stress of wire transfers and gas fees.

DuoMint’s sleek design added to its functionality.

🔎 Instant Blockchain Domain Search

Search domain availability across various blockchain name providers.

Nobody tell Google.

💸 NFTpay

Make your own blockchain-hosted invoices — hosted for free on IPFS and fulfilled by cryptocurrency.

NFTPay’s user-friendly UI.

🕵️‍♀️ Spyglass

Spyglass is an NFT curation tool featuring powerful real-time analytics and organizational tools built into a snappy UI. Use Spyglass to find the best NFTs out in the OpenSea before anyone else.

Nothing boring about Spyglass’ UI.

🌾 Cropsin

A platform that pays creators in crypto to use indie artists songs in their videos, and lets them share in an artists success by investing in them through album art, songs, tickets, metaverse merch, and song royalty NFTs. Artists stay independent and get noticed, paid, and funded.

Believe it or not, gradients are still cool.

⚡️ ZeusDAO

Web3 Open Protocol for Community Management (If Discord was to take the Web3 Pill)

ZeusDAO in all its glory.


Do[NFT] is a protocol that allows you to create an NFT that can own other NFTs.

Turns out, you can do a lot with your NFT… who knew?

📢 Metaverse Advertisement DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to facilitating business models in the metaverse by maximizing utilization of community-owned virtual real estate assets in advertising, and sharing profits with metaverse players such as landowners and builders.

In the upcoming Matrix 5: Retirement, Neo takes the blue pill and retires as a digital real-estate agent.

NFTHack Set the tone for the new year

If NFTHack is any indicator, 2022 seems like it’ll be a big year for crypto. For the first time, our events were pushed to their limits, and we maxed out our hacker capacity due to extreme interest. In every team formation, brainstorming, or project feedback session, hackers were enthusiastic and excited for the two-day event. Amongst the 800 hackers who joined us from around the world, 46% were new to Ethereum entirely, and their fresh perspective turned some heads. Some of our newcomers even walked away as finalists, and you could be next.

3LAU and Cooper Turley joined us to talk about the future of music NFTs.

NFTHack 2022 would not have been possible without the support of our partners…

Our incredible NFTHack 2022 Partners.
We have no good road puns left, just come to the event.

Don’t miss our next event — Road to Web3:

Our next event is coming up fast! Join us from February 3rd — 8th for the Road to Web3 hackathon, brought to you by the incredible team at Polygon. Join us and learn from the pros, collaborate with developers and creativbes from around the world, and explore the possibilities of Web3.



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