NFTHack: That’s a Wrap!

Highlights from a Hackathon weekend for the books

4 min readApr 4, 2021

For one weekend in March, we brought together a virtual collective of creatives and engineers to hack the next generation of digital assets. In collaboration with our sponsors, NFTHack highlighted the current energy in the NFT space. Back-to-back talks on cutting-edge protocols, stimulating workshops, and competition for prizes made for a memorable event.

By the numbers:

  • 1,200 Summit Attendees
  • 634 Hackers
  • 182 NFT Projects
  • 20 Talks & Workshops
  • 70 Mentors
  • 26 Companies
  • 10 Finalists

NFTHack surpassed all expectations. The projects we received showed off levels of quality that were matched by the intimate presentations by our speakers and guests. Everyone involved brought their best, and it showed in each and every interaction had throughout the event. Our 10 finalists were selected from a pool of over 180+ projects, backed by teams of passionate hackers.

NFTHack Finalists

  • Nifty DM — A way to communicate and connect through NFT’s.
  • Crypto Corgis — A generative art NFT offering similar to Avastars or Proof of Beauty.
  • SouljaDrop — A digital NFT album drop platform with on-chain graphical autograph attached to album NFTs.
  • Hashlink — A free service for timestamping NFT files on the blockchain to avoid offchain frontrunning.
  • Cipher Blocks — Collectible 3D cube NFTs represented all on-chain.
  • Boson Pool — A pool-together prize pool that allows participants to stake Boson tokens and win Boson NFTs that are redeemable for physical items
  • FUNC — Func makes NFTs functional. Plug in any NFT and explore endless ways to use it.
  • RarePizzas — A NFT no-loss tournament Virtual Reality game in the name of RarePizzas.
  • Drip — An affiliate marketplace for subscription services using cashflow NFTS powered by SuperFluid, built on Polygon.
  • Boundless — An infinite exhibition of generative art.

Be sure to check out some of the other projects that graced our digital stage. The NFTHack Showcase features a full list of Hackathon projects and participants, each inventive and compelling in their own right.

NFTHack was more than just a Hackathon…

Our sponsors and talented guest speakers kept the energy up throughout the weekend. Engaging workshops and spirited discussions fueled the momentum of the NFTHack Summit while the Hackathon was in progress.

“Ethereum is for Artists”

Bobby Hundreds, Andre Anjos aka RAC, Latashá, and Mike Shinoda discuss the potential of NFT’s for artists

Highlighting the wave of intrigue into the NFT space, our Summit talks bridged the gap between new-to-crypto creatives and industry vets. Our talented speakers brought attention to the needs of creators in digital spaces, and discussed the virtues of NFT-based solutions for a new generation of art.

NFTHack, in all its glory, would not have been possible without the continued support of our incredible sponsors. Their involvement, guidance, and energy made it possible for us to bring this event to life. We share a common belief that the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem benefits us all, and through their commitment, we are able to make true on our promises to developers and creatives across the globe.

This was our biggest event yet, and we couldn’t have done it without our partners at Zora, Rarible, and the Ethereum Foundation, as well as so many others. Our sponsors helped teams at every step of the way, offering insight into protocols and products through workshops, giving feedback and technical troubleshooting to hackers needing a hand, and judging the final projects after 48hrs of hard work.

NFTHack sponsors

Our mission has always been simple: build the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting thousands of developers across the globe. We encourage hackers to continue their projects following the competition and will work to connect them with relevant grants and accelerators in order to build momentum for their ideas. No project is too small, if you believe in it, so do we.

Check out our next event

ETHGlobal hosts a number of events throughout the year, with our next one, Scaling Ethereum, coming up on April 16th. For all content related to our events, check out our homepage, and if you missed any of the amazing sessions at NFTHack be sure to visit our YouTube Profile to watch all the recorded content.

That’s a wrap

With NFTHack over, we’re looking forward to our next event, Scaling Ethereum. This fully digital experience will run from April 16th — May 14th, giving you the support of a huge community of experts, mentors, sponsors, developer advocates, and other community members who want to help you build something awesome.

Applications are now open, and we’d love for you to join us. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about future events, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you to Luke Bateman for drafting this piece.




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