Scaling Ethereum 2023 Wrap Up

We have united builders from across the globe again to join forces for one mission: Rethinking and innovating solutions that scale our ecosystem.

7 min readApr 3, 2023

For the past three weeks, Scaling Ethereum was an online hackathon capturing 3 exciting summits with the focus on a builders’ journey to help scale Ethereum through building interesting and unique projects. We were joined by builders from 92 countries and 24 timezones, all coming together to explore the possibilities of Scaling Ethereum. With over 1400 hackers participating, $175,000+ in prizes to be won and a staggering 306 project submissions, Scaling Ethereum offered a sneak peak into the future of the ecosystem with a pool of unmatched talents.

🌍 Scaling Ethereum TL;DR:

  • 👥 1400 hackers
  • 🗺️ 92 countries
  • 🕰️ 24 timezones
  • 💸 $175,000 in Prizes
  • 📜 306 project submissions
  • 🎉 11 finalists

⏩ Kick Off Ceremony

The Kick-Off Ceremony marked the beginning of the event, setting the tone for the weeks to come. As the event began, the atmosphere was electric, and the builders were motivated to explore the possibilities of Scaling Ethereum. The event offered a sneak peek into the future of the ecosystem showcasing the multitude of talents across the globe.

🚀 Scaling Ethereum Summit

Friday March 10th 2023

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on any of the kick off content. You can find it all on our Youtube Channel!

The Scaling Ethereum Summit kicked off the hackathon with intriguing topics surrounding L1s, L2s, multichain functionality and zkRollups. It offered hackers a comprehensive introduction with talks from Kelvin Fichter, Haichen Shen and Jon Kol just to name a few. We were able to curate a diverse line up of discussions with each aiming to expose builders to innovations within the space. The summit gave insight to the exciting weeks ahead with builders showing enthusiasm for bringing their ideas to life.

🔎 MEVconomics Summit

Friday March 24th 2023

Already a community favour, MEVconomics became a part of the .wtf series with the aim of creating a supportive, open, and inclusive space where ideas can be developed, and builders can go past the FOMO and arrive at knowledge and understanding.

The summit was broken down to 3 chapters and presented by members of Flashbots, Ethereum Foundation and Arbitrum just to name a few.

PART 1 ⚡ Lay of the Land of MEVconomics covering a holistic overview of the possibilities of MEV and the implication on the Ethereum Ecosystem.

PART 2 ⚡ Lay of the Layers in MEVconomics covering MEV in L1 and L2s, restaking and liquid staking protocols, data availability layers and cross domain settings.

PART 3 ⚡ A MEVconomics View of Distribution Mechanisms covering privacy, quantification of MEV and much more.

📚 If you are curious for more details and conclusions from the community check out this thread:

✨ Polygon ZK Day 2.0 Summit

Monday March 27th 2023

The Polygon zkEVM Day 2.0 summit was a thrilling event packed with technical updates and thought-provoking discussions. The summit covered a range of topics from trustless scaling solutions to security, and even included a fireside chat with Vitalik Buterin and Jordi Baylina. The event also featured a deep dive into the ZK Stack and its alignment with the Web3 Ethos.

With an eye towards the future of the ecosystem, the community was ready to witness the first ever transaction deployed on the zkEVM mainnet. To celebrate this special occasion, the team invited Vitalik Buterin to be the first to create this transaction live. Over 20,000 members watched as this got completed and to officially mark the beginning of zkEVM mainnet beta. 🎉 Overall, the summit was a fantastic opportunity for builders to understand Scaling the ecosystem by looking at a best practice example better, and to connect with others in the space who are passionate and talented in our lively chat on 📺

📚 ETHGlobal Tech Mentors

In addition to all the builders fully delving into the world of creativity and engineering, our Tech Mentors were assisting with any questions and struggles along the way. We had the pleasure of sharing their presence to give all builders an unforgettable learning experience. The insight from many of our mentors enabled teams to get real time critical feedback as well as engage in constructive brainstorming sessions.

🚀 Scaling Ethereum Finale

The finale of Scaling Ethereum was a nail-biting experience for everyone involved. Hundreds of people tuned in to our ETHGlobal TV and YouTube livestream to watch the culmination of a 3 week online hackathon. With over 300 submissions from incredible hackers across the world, the judges had their work cut out for them in picking out the 11 finalists with the most innovative and well-executed projects to showcase the talents of the ETHGlobal Community. We are thrilled to experience the growing interest of talented individuals in developoing the Ethereum Ecosystem.

With anticipation growing we were ready to kick it off with our Finale! You can check out all 11 project below, and for more detail you can always check our Project Showcase ☘️

✅ Our 11 Finalists

🕹️ Snarky Monsters

Maximally on-chain, Pokémon-style game, with trustless NPC interaction via ZK-SNARKs

Showcase Link: Snarky Monsters | ETHGlobal

Built by and

🔗 ZKlinks

Zklinks is a link tracking platform that leverages zero knowledge proofs and L2 networks to provide users with a more secure and private way to track click referrals and earn rewards.

Showcase Link: Zklinks: Scalable L2 referral link tracking | ETHGlobal

Built by

🍎 Opclave

OP Stack improvement w/ ERC-4337 compatible SC accounts using signatures abstracted w/ AppleEnclave. Users can create & use non-custodial wallets w/ touch or face id no seed phrases

Showcase Link: Opclave | ETHGlobal

Built by,,,,

✏️ Polynote

Private note taking application #buidl on Polybase. Aiming to use power of Polybase to allow end users taking notes safely on web3.

Showcase Link: Polynote | ETHGlobal

Built by,,,,

🔍 SearchOS

SearchOS is a web3 search engine making it easy to interact with your favorite blockchain applications. Query wallet balances, see real-time prices, swap, bridge, & send tokens (cross-chain) in a few clicks.

Showcase Link: SearchOS | ETHGlobal

Built by,,


Contracts for Difference (CFD) Decentralized Exchange using a novel “Flash Collateral Trillions” borrowing of non-existent funds for efficient liquidations

Showcase Link: CFD DEX and Flash Trillions | ETHGlobal

Built by

🌿 novusys

First Account Abstraction wallet provider utilizing social signin through auth0.

Showcase Link: novusys | ETHGlobal

Built by,,,


A Social Pinning Platform for Interest Boards and early Creative Market Exposure.

Showcase Link: Moonboard | ETHGlobal

Built by,

🌊 Ethercard

Simplifying cryptocurrency payments with NFC technology. Request payments on your phone, and senders can tap their Ethercard linked to their crypto wallet to approve transactions securely.

Showcase Link: Ethercard | ETHGlobal

Built by,,

🤖 ZKaptcha

A cloudflare for web3. This is a captcha service that verifies challenges on the smart contract level to prevent spam and bots for hurting NFTs, exchanges, and games.

Showcase Link: ZKaptcha | ETHGlobal

Built by,

🗻 Cove

Simple, reliable, open-source contract verification built for an L2 centric Ethereum ecosystem

Showcase Link: Cove | ETHGlobal

Built by,,,,

🤝 Scaling Ethereum Partners

We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this event possible. Starting with the Kick-off summit and all speakers who joined in and gave their insight, followed by the series where we were joined by Flashbots and finally it was a pleasure to participate in the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta Launch event together with our partner Polygon.

In addition we would like to thank all the tech mentors, judges, and staff who ran the event both up front and behind the scenes. Last but not least, all the hackers who participated, from across 92 countries and 24 timezones. We are thrilled to be able to receive 306 incredible project submission and together — continue pushing the development of the Ethereum Ecosystem 💙

📅 Applications open now: ETHGlobal Lisbon ☀️ 12th-14th May 2023

Our first hackathon in the heart of Portugal

Had fun hacking away and want to experience this with others in-person? In this case, you will not want to miss out on joining us in the charming heart of Portugal! ☀️🇵🇹

A hackathon weekend in one of Europe’s most historic cities. Join us for three days filled with workshops, talks, news, panels of speakers and many more exciting activities. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, build your grand ideas and join us as a hacker 💻

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