Scaling Ethereum: A Focus on the Future

Interesting stats thus far:

  • 1100+ Summit Attendees
  • 630 Hackers
  • 143 Projects
  • 58 Countries Represented
  • 18 Time Zones
  • $200,000+ in prizes up for grabs

Our Finalists:

🦘Kangaroo: Kangaroo is a Discord Layer 2 Wallet powered by zkSync. It provides a Discord bot experience that won’t break the bank and enables seamless L2 onboarding.

Scaling Ethereum was more than just a hackathon

Our sponsors and industry experts kept the energy up throughout the month, giving inspiring talks on the future of our ecosystem. From rollups to MEV, there were a lot of hot topics in scaling discussed during the month.

Justin Drake and Karl Floersch during the MEV Roast

Scaling Ethereum would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors

Scaling Ethereum would not have been possible without the support from an incredible group of elite Sponsors. To truly be the catalyst for community that we hope to be requires support from those who share our vision.

That’s a wrap!

With Scaling Ethereum coming to a close, we’re looking forward to our next events 📣

May 28th–30th: Web3 Weekend

Web3 Weekend — May 28–30th

June 18th-July 9th: HackMoney 2021

HackMoney 2021 — June 18th-July 9th



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