The 2021 Year in Review

Here’s to an incredible new year!

The coolest community in crypto

2021 by the numbers:

📈 MarketMake

The MarketMake Finalists

🧩 NFTHack

Don’t miss NFTHack 2022—January 14–16!

The NFTHack 2021 Finalists

👩‍🚀 Scaling Ethereum

An entire hackathon devoted to building the infrastructure of Web3.

The Scaling Ethereum Finalists

🌐 Web3 Weekend

Web3 Weekend was one for the books. Check out our recap here.

The Finalists:

🤑 HackMoney

A map showing the diverse nationalities represented at HackMoney. Read our recap here.

The Finalists:

📁 HackFS

HackFS brought a distributed community together — 61 countries & 18 timezones represented. Read our recap.

The Finalists

🌍 ETHOnline

Our biggest event yet! Read our recap here.
Vitalik Buterin & Karl Floersch discussed hot topics like Retroactive Public Goods Funding.

The Finalists

🦄 UniCode

Hackers joined us from every corner of the world to build the future of DeFi. Read our recap.

Our Finalists

🍯 Web3 Jam

Web3 Jam gave budding developers a chance to create without constraint — and color outside the lines

The Finalists

Thank You

We had an extensive list of partners for 2021

Announcing the 2022 Calendar

Events to look forward to (more info)

Updates from our team:

The faces behind the hackathons


❤ The ETHGlobal Team

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