UniCode 2021

The future of DeFi is brighter than ever

7 min readNov 30, 2021
UniCode 2021

The bedrock of the DeFi movement is a network of builders and creatives worldwide—all determined to shape the future of finance as we know it. From established teams to fledgling projects and professional developers to enthusiasts alike, DeFi is the sum of its community.

For ten days this fall, we worked in tandem with the Uniswap Grants Program to bring the global Uniswap community together under one virtual roof for the first time. Dozens of talks and workshops, and hundreds of hours of hacking later, we’re thrilled to report the first UniCode surpassed all expectations.

Hackers joined us from every corner of the world to build the future of DeFi.

UniCode TL;DR

  • 351 Staked Hackers
  • 8 Partner Teams
  • $125,000+ in Prizes
  • 48 Countries & 17 Timezones
  • 96 Projects Submitted
  • 10 Finalists

Our 10 UniCode Finalists were chosen from a pool of close to one hundred projects, while others took home prizes from our partner teams. These projects represent the next generation of DeFi and offer a glimpse into our decentralized future. Read up on our finalists below, and head over to the project showcase to view more.

🏆Our Finalists

🔎 Uniswap API Explorer

A guide to basic terminology and concepts of cryptocurrency as demonstrated by the functionality of the Uniswap API.

Uniswap API Explorer

The Team: @evanjacobs

Why we like it: The UI is interactive and simple, great for beginners who are new to DeFi and smart contracts.

🔮 Sandrone’s

A fully on-chain view Uniswap V3 quoter.

Sandrone’s UI

Why we like it: Protocols in need of using UniswapV3 on-chain have to rely on external data sources like Chainlink in order to reliably get price data, as Uniswap oracles are currently released as “lens” functions which cost gas and are quite unfeasible for constant usage.

The team addressed the problem by reworking Uniswap quoting algorithm so that it can fit into a Solidity view function, hence no gas costs when calling it, while maintaining a sub-decimal precision, comparable with the lens quoter.

🎮 Skyfire DAO

Skyfire DAO improves the UX for generic users by gamifying distribution events (e.g., Liquidity Mining events.)

SkyFire DAO

The Team: @Beowulf_Pxl, @wizgotD

Why we like it: The gaming space is in need for Web3 tooling to enhance game-economy experience. Skyfire’s gamekit tooling contracts and game can be utilized for custom LM events. Skyfire DAO tokens are rewarded to all partner LM events.

📈 UniStrategy

Strategy manager for UNI v3 positions that rebalance the positions with swaps periodically


The Team: @silviobusonero, @Rimatik_

Why we like it: There is no liquidity manager yet on Optimism and it’s an experiment with higher frequency strategy.

⛓️ Crosscash

A bridge for instant liquidity cross-chains and layers using Aztec connect

The Team: @marcsednaoui, @_quocanh

Why we like it: Crosschain payments should be easy. Let’s make transfers become instant using loans. Let’s rely on a pool of lenders that live on other blockchains. Those lenders can provide instant liquidity on new blockchains, in exchange for a bond issued by borrowers. These lenders will take any arbitrary action on behalf of the borrower. Crosscash’s cross-chain loan network allows this to happen.

🎓 Uniramp

Uniramp is an onboarding and education platform helping users interact with their first Uniswap liquidity pools.

Uniramp’s UI

The Team: @chrisbcore

Why we like it: Several of its powerful analytics tools makes this project a must-have for NFT fans. Its hot collections feature indexes all opensea transactions on the ETH blockchain, and WAGMI uses a hype score to do sentiment analysis on tweets. There’s even a rarity tool that rank individual NFT within collection by rarity.

🚌 Caravan

A new market for liquidity positions. Rent liquidity from liquidity providers. Rent out your liquidity to others. Buy, sell, and trade liquidity positions without pulling liquidity out of the pool.

Caravan’s UI

The Team: @jumpmanjoshi, @tndrewaing

Why we like it: Liquidity providers can rent out their positions for a fixed duration in exchange for an up-front lump sum to renters, who are able to collect fees from the position for the duration of the rental. Providers will be able to hold their positions long term but receive guaranteed cash flow in the short term. Renters can profit by collecting fees from positions without holding the underlying assets.

🛩️ Airlift Finance

Increase your exposure to a token with automatic leverage via Aave and Uniswap.

The Airlift dashboard

The Team: @mthacks

Why we like it: Airlift Finance increases your exposure to an asset using a passive leverage strategy. Airlift offers an easy way to achieve and manage leverage: simply deposit WETH into the vault and Airlift takes care of the rest.

🤝 HeroSwap

HeroSwap implements a compliant Uniswap using Molecule Protocol and Claimable

HeroSwap’s easy to use UI

The Team: @ICscript, @Ajmal_Ahamed_K

Why We Like It: In light of the recent crackdown on crypto regulation, this is a demonstration of how compliance can be integrated into DeFi.

🌊 Superfluidity

A superfluidity pool automatically streams liquidity between concentrated liquidity pools based on price velocity in order to maximize profits.

The Team: @umar_eth, @HomicidalChickn, @hochen97

Why we like it: Using real-time cash flows built on top of Superfluid protocol, Superfluidity pools stream capital in and out of positions based on incoming price data using Uniswap’s own oracle. By increasing flow rate based on the price velocity of an asset, Superfluidity follows price movements and transfer capital to positions with the highest earning potential. This means a major increase in capital efficiency, reaping the benefits of a narrow concentrated liquidity range while eliminating the risk of lost profits following a price movement.

The Uniswap community is stronger than ever

UniCode highlighted the current energy in the DeFi space and proved to be a fertile ground for experimentation at the highest levels. Hackers were able to team up with Uniswap builders from every corner of the ecosystem and build out their ideas with direct access to Protocol-level developers and experts.

This community-driven approach amplified the traditional hackathon experience for our participants and set the bar for events to come. Check out some of the highlights from the sessions below.

UniCode Kick-off Keynote featuring Noah Zinsmeister of Uniswap Labs

UniCode gave hackers the access—and the tools necessary to succeed. The shared proximity to these builders went hand-in-hand with daily talks and workshops on the current issues facing the Uniswap ecosystem. Hackers who attended these free sessions were given front-row seats to these discussions, led by those working at the forefront of the DeFi movement. These sessions offered hackers actionable insights that translated into real-time value for the project builds they had underway.

The UniCode DAO Talks featured a number of influential builders in the space.

UniCode Partners

UniCode would not have happened without the assistance of the Uniswap Grants Program team or our other incredible partners, as well as our growing community of hackers — both new and old. The support of these teams enabled us to keep attendance for this event free of charge for anyone who wished to participate.

Creating a seamless hackathon experience for hackers of all levels takes a substantial amount of help from every part of the community. That’s why we want to take a moment to thank the tech mentors, support staff, judges, and partner team members who offered their time to engage with our participants and contribute to the success of UniCode.

Our incredible partners for UniCode 2021

We would also like to thank you — the vibrant, driven, and passionate Uniswap community, for working with us to make this event such a success. Each and every one of our hackers brought a level of enthusiasm and positivity that was unmatched, and we’re filled with hope for the future of the Uniswap ecosystem.

Multiple UniCode teams will walk away from this event with projects that could become the next big thing, or change the way we interact online. We’re grateful to be even a small part of these projects’ stories. Hackers are strongly encouraged to continue building their projects after this event, and we stand by our commitment to connect them with relevant grants and accelerators to help achieve their goals.

Thanks for making 2021 so memorable…

It should come as no surprise — UniCode was the icing on top of an incredible year for our Team and the ETHGlobal community at large. We’re beyond thankful for the opportunity to build experiences for such an amazing group of developers and creatives, and hope that you continue to join us for future events.

2021 was our biggest year but we’ve got so much more planned for you all—and we can’t wait to get to work! For more exciting updates on or events and future hackathons, follow us on Twitter, or join our Community Discord.




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