UniCode 2021

The future of DeFi is brighter than ever

UniCode 2021
Hackers joined us from every corner of the world to build the future of DeFi.

UniCode TL;DR

🏆Our Finalists

🔎 Uniswap API Explorer

Uniswap API Explorer

🔮 Sandrone’s

Sandrone’s UI

🎮 Skyfire DAO

SkyFire DAO

📈 UniStrategy


⛓️ Crosscash

🎓 Uniramp

Uniramp’s UI

🚌 Caravan

Caravan’s UI

🛩️ Airlift Finance

The Airlift dashboard

🤝 HeroSwap

HeroSwap’s easy to use UI

🌊 Superfluidity

The Uniswap community is stronger than ever

UniCode Kick-off Keynote featuring Noah Zinsmeister of Uniswap Labs
The UniCode DAO Talks featured a number of influential builders in the space.

UniCode Partners

Our incredible partners for UniCode 2021

Thanks for making 2021 so memorable…

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