Updates to the 2023 ETHGlobal Hackathon Season

5 min readMar 10, 2023


This year is on track to be the most impactful and busiest in ETHGlobal’s history. Our first event, FVM Space Warp, featured 275 projects built on the FVM, which is going to mainnet next week. We are currently preparing for the largest Scaling Ethereum event to date, as well as our ETHGlobal Tokyo week in April.

Looking past upcoming events, we have some key adjustments to share about some of our future events in 2023.

✂️ TL;DR

  • We’re postponing ETHGlobal Istanbul to the end of the year (likely November)
  • ETHGlobal Lisbon will replace ETHGlobal Istanbul in May.
  • ETHGlobal Toronto is moving “down the road” to become ETHGlobal Waterloo, and
  • We’re announcing ETHGlobal Pragma and ETHGlobal Café!

Postponing ETHGlobal Istanbul

Following our announcement for this hackathon in December 2022, a change in the dates for the 2023 Turkish Presidential election was publicized by the government a few weeks ago and the election now overlap with our original May 26–28 ETHGlobal Istanbul hackathon dates.

We do not believe it is prudent to host a hackathon during such a critical time for the country and in light of these concerns, we have decided to postpone the event to a later date in the year.

To our Turkish community members: We know this is not the news you wanted to hear, but ETHGlobal remains committed to bringing an incredible ETHGlobal hackathon to Istanbul in 2023. We are working with various partners to finalize new dates for this hackathon. With our existing event calendar already locked-in, the new dates will be after ETHGlobal New York (September) and we hope to solidify and announce the dates in the next 4 weeks.

Turkey and Syria are still in need of international support to help the earthquake relief efforts. If you consider making a donation, please check out our tweet here.

ETHGlobal Lisbon will now replace ETHGlobal Istanbul

In response to the election announcements, we began exploring alternate locations for a hackathon in May within a similar geography and vicinity to Istanbul, given the committed partners and several hundred accepted hackers.

As we explored availability for venues in cities across 4 countries nearby, with this short notice, we were offered a venue that fits our needs in Lisbon.

ETHGlobal Lisbon will take place May 12–14th and applications are open starting today: https://ethglobal.com/lisbon

This event will remain a developer focused hackathon. We spent the last 2 weeks consulting and working with numerous local organizers in Lisbon to ensure that our hackathon remains complementary with others.

Two events in Lisbon?
Fans of the yearly Ethereum events calendar may recall that a separate hackathon, ETHLisbon, has taken place in Q4 during Web Summit week for the past few years. After consulting with local organizers, key stakeholders, and ETHLisbon’s organizers, we were impressed by the quality, willingness to collaborate, and depth of experience in the local and nearby developer communities. We felt that, like us, the community would be excited about having two great events this year in Lisbon.

ETHLisbon is still scheduled to take place later in the year and will bring back its same format and energy for the 3rd year in a row!

We are working with the organizers of ETHLisbon (1kx and Lightshift Capital) to ensure that there is no miscommunication between the goals and organizations of the two events. Together, we will work towards delivering greater outcomes for all developers, twice this year.

ETHLisbon will be announcing soon, you can stay updated at: https://www.ethlisbon.org/

ETHGlobal Toronto is now ETHGlobal Waterloo

We’re heading back to Waterloo, where it all began. This humble city on the outskirts of Toronto is home to both Ethereum and ETHGlobal. After our first event in 2017 and the amazing repeat in 2019, we knew we wanted to return. However, when we started planning for 2022, we were not sure if Waterloo, a city of just over 100,000 inhabitants, had a venue large enough to support the growing Ethereum community it helped foster.

But the good news is that we are heading back home! ETHGlobal Toronto will be moving down the road to become the third iteration of ETHGlobal Waterloo. 🇨🇦

ETHGlobal Waterloo will take place June 23–25th and applications are open starting today: https://ethglobal.com/waterloo

If you already applied to ETHGlobal Toronto, there is no need to re-apply!

ETHGlobal Pragma

Did you catch our announcement earlier this week? Pragma is a one-day, single-track, in-person summit hosted by ETHGlobal. With a focus on intimacy, Pragma serves as a hub for high-quality talks and as a forum of discussion for builders and leaders from Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

Pragma is coming to Tokyo! 🇯🇵 Applications are open now: https://ethglobal.com/events/pragma-tokyo

ETHGlobal Café

We receive a lot of comments from hackers wanting a dedicated space to be before our hackathons to meet new people (or just while they wait for their hotel check-in 😂).

We’re thrilled to offer a dedicated space for hackers, before the hackathon, to brainstorm, make new friends, find a team, and be a comfortable
co-working spot to cram in some last minute work!

ETHGlobal Café is only open to accepted and staked hackers and is making its debut in Tokyo thanks to support from Safe! 🇯🇵

More details to follow soon.

Both the Hacker Café and Pragma will make their debuts in Tokyo and will follow us to all in-person events in 2023.

Aside from all those changes, the calendar remains the same and as advertised on ethglobal.com/events

Here is a quick summary for our in-person 2023 events calendar:

  • ETHGlobal Tokyo 🇯🇵 (April 14–16)
  • ETHGlobal Lisbon 🇵🇹 (May 12–14)
  • ETHGlobal Waterloo 🇨🇦 (June 23–25)
  • ETHGlobal Paris 🇫🇷 (July 21–23)
  • ETHGlobal New York 🇺🇸 (September 22–24)
  • ETHGlobal Istanbul 🇹🇷 (likely November)

Can you believe we are only 35 days away from our first in-person event? 🙌

See you soon,
ETHGlobal Team 💙




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