Web3 Weekend Wrap Up

Highlights from a weekend devoted to progress

The weekend, by the numbers:

The Web3 Weekend Finalists:

💱ZeroFee Exchange

⛓️Cross Chain Wallet Dashboard

🧪Open Science (Opsci) Data Wallet


🔊The Ultra Sound Music Project


🗣️The Convo Space

📺DBS-Decentralized Broadcast & Stream


🖼️YouTube NFT Drop

🏭NFT Factory Factory

⚒️Canva NFT Minter

Web3 Weekend was a celebration of progress

zoom webinar with four guests
zoom webinar with four guests
Amy Jung, Billy Rennekamp, Molly Mackinlay, and pplpleasr during the Why Web3

Web3 Weekend would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors

That’s all folks!

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