Web3 Weekend Wrap Up

Highlights from a weekend devoted to progress

The weekend, by the numbers:

🌈 94 Web3-focused projects

The Web3 Weekend Finalists:

💱ZeroFee Exchange

ZeroFee Exchange allows you to create limit orders without trade fees on the Uniswap Protocol while making money at the same time!

⛓️Cross Chain Wallet Dashboard

This projects helps you to keep track of your liquidity across chains.

🧪Open Science (Opsci) Data Wallet

Data management with the Opsci Data Wallet flips the data economy on its head and gives data sovereignty back to the creators — research participants — and empowers researchers with tools for interoperability, sharing, and reproducible workflows.


Bringing quality and auditability to real world or digital assets all tied to an NFT.

🔊The Ultra Sound Music Project

Every revolution needs its sound track. The sound track to the ultra sound money revolution is ultra sound music! Blockchain native music legos , composable and scarce!


A digital land aggregation tool, with analytical insights at its core.

🗣️The Convo Space

The Decentralized Conversation Layer of Internet, customizable plugins for apps connecting conversations and communities across the Internet.

📺DBS-Decentralized Broadcast & Stream

Integrating Live Stream for Audius music Creators- Decentralized Broadcaster Streamer


Decentralized Storage for exclusive NFT content. Securely store all assets for a digital artwork in a vault. Freeze your art piece, upload the assets to Filecoin Decentralized storage and register an NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain.

🖼️YouTube NFT Drop

Create NFTs and gift them to your early Youtube Subscribers so they can flex, promote you and create a stronger bond

🏭NFT Factory Factory

A factory that creates a minting contract for generative art NFTs

⚒️Canva NFT Minter

Canva NFT Minter allows the Canva users to publish their designs as NFT using the custom Canva Publish app

Web3 Weekend was a celebration of progress

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and talented speakers, Web3 Weekend packed a ton of useful information into three short days. Each and every participant brought inspirational energy that kept spirits high throughout the event. Hot topics from NFTs, to decentralized audio/video solutions, and smart contracts made for excellent discussion. Here are some highlights from the summits and talks:

zoom webinar with four guests
Amy Jung, Billy Rennekamp, Molly Mackinlay, and pplpleasr during the Why Web3

Web3 Weekend would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors

Web3 Weekend was successful on a number of fronts. But we owe a large part of that success to the generous support of Protocol Labs & our sponsor community. It truly takes a village to create the experiences that we look to give to our hackers and participants. These partnerships make it possible to provide these events for free, and directly contribute to the growth of our space.

That’s all folks!

With Web3 Weekend coming to a close, we’re looking forward to our next event, HackMoney 2021. This fully-digital DeFi focused event will run from June 18th — July 9th, and will give you the support of a huge community of experts, mentors, sponsors, and other community members who want to help you hack the future of finance.



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