What to Expect at ETHBogotá 2022

We’re kicking off Devcon Week in style!

11 min readSep 9, 2022
We heard all the cool crypto people are going to be there, you should apply.

In just a few short weeks, thousands of developers and creatives will descend upon Bogotá for a week of hacking and hanging out with the whos-who of web3. ETHBogotá is an event over two years in the making, and we can’t wait to show why we’re so excited. Want to make the most of your stay in Colombia? Check out these helpful tips on what to expect in order to hit the ground running this October.

🏁 Step 1: Registration

Upon arriving at Agora Bogotá, you should visit the check-in station to get your badges, wristbands, and swag bags. We will be registering everyone over the course of two days. Join us on Thursday, August 18th to avoid the queue on Friday!

  • Early Registration — Thursday, October 6th @ 2pm (local time)), Agora Bogotá
  • Main Registration — Friday, October 7th @ 2pm (local time), Agora Bogotà

☑️ Check-in to ETHBogotá in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Have a form of Identification ready
  • Obtain your hacker/sponsor/speaker badge and wristband
  • Grab a Swag bag!

🚩Note: Though we encourage you to check-in early to skip the line, you will not be able to access the event venue until we officially open on Friday at 2:00pm CDT. You will need to have your badge and wristband visible at all times to be allowed in the event venue.

📍 Venue Information

🤙 Step 2: Hacking and Hanging Out

Hackers working at ETHMexico earlier this month (credit: Kevin Jones)

Once you’ve completed your registration you are welcome to enjoy the fun perks ETHBogotá has to offer. From a Photobooth to our Hidden POAP we’ve packed the weekend with stuff that you’ll get a kick out of. Like always, food and drink will be provided, and were working on getting some new snacktime favorites for your enjoyment.

A few things to note:

  • You are required to bring your own laptop and chargers — this is not provided for you.
  • Please ensure you have the correct plug adapter to power your computer
  • Meals, Drinks & Snacks will be provided for all attendees from Friday to Sunday.
  • You have 24hr access to the venue!

🇲🇽 ETHBogotá Hacker Perks:

A shot of the crowd during the ETHMexico kickoff.

🎞 Photobooth

🖼 NFT Exhibition

🍔 Food & Drink

🤨 Hidden POAP

We know you’ll be working non-stop, but when you look up from your screens, feel free to share your experiences on social media (we’d love to shout you out). On top of all of that, don’t miss out on making some new friends—our Partners are excited to meet you!

👩‍⚖️ Step 3: Project Submissions + Judging

Our Project Submissions & Judging processes have come a long way since 2017, but we’ll spare you the history lesson. You will submit your project via the Hacker Dashboard, but will not receive your Judging Appointment until you show up to the Main Judging Green Room on Sunday Morning.

Step 1: Show up to Judging Green Room

Step 2: Receive your Judging Appointment

Step 3: Present to our Judges live at your assigned room

Step 4: Demo to Partner Teams at their table (if interested in Partner Prizes)

Just like all of our events, you will be given the chance to have your project judged live by a panel of ecosystem experts. We believe this is crucial to giving developers and creatives in our community (like you) face time with those building the projects that you’ve worked on, or would like to someday work for!

🚩 Note: If you do not wish to compete for Finalist Prizes, you do not have to participate in Main Judging.

🎉Step 4: Celebrating Your Work!

Finalist Team Ethereum Uncensored presenting their project at the ETHMexico Closing Ceremony.

Once you’ve submitted your project, you can breathe a sigh of relief. After reviewing submissions, we will contact the Finalist teams via Discord and give them the opportunity to demo their builds live on stage. After all is said and done, you’ll be counted amongst the select few who have built their projects at an ETHGlobal hackathon.

🚩 Note: If you are selected as an ETHBogotá Finalist, we will notify you via Discord by 2:00pm local time (prior to Closing Ceremony) Please check Discord regularly so you don’t miss this.

Though we select finalists from each of our events, our hackathons are more about personal growth than competition. We encourage all hackers to take risks, try new things, and get their hands dirty — we’re excited to see what you build!

⛑ Safety at ETHBogotá

A view from outside the Agora Bogotá venue.

We’re working hard to create the best possible environment for you while in Bogotá. All large cities present certain risks for travelers, and Bogotá is no different. For anyone traveling to Colombia for Devcon week, we recommend certain basic precautions to reduce your risks. Please read through our Safety Tips document in preparation for joining us at the event!

In line with these efforts, we will be actively enforcing our badge & wristband policy. You must have your badge and wristband visible to our security staff at all times in order to be inside the event venue. Do not remove or share your badge or wristband with anyone else. Finally, please let us know if anyone (or anything) makes you feel unsafe — we want to do our best to make you feel like family.

→ Check out our Bogotá Safety Tips guide.

🚀 Stuff to do During Devcon

Hackers posing for a shot at ETHMexico.

We’re not the only party in town for the week! Devcon 2022 is the biggest event in Ethereum, and thousands of developers and creatives will be in town. From talks to workshops and even cocktail parties, there will be lots of opportunities to immerse yourself in web3. Check out some of the events below, and head over to the Devcon Week page to learn more.



🤔 Hacker FAQ

  1. ¿Qué sucede su llego tarde al registro?

No hay problema, se le registrará de todas maneras. El hackathon es un evento que dura 72 horas así que habrá atención durante todo ese tiempo. Por favor, asegúrese de que su solicitud esté confirmada (puede postular en línea hasta el jueves 18 de agosto). El ingreso solo se les permitirá a quienes tengan la confirmación de la solicitud lista en la mesa de registro.Ya que el tiempo es limitado también es vital para el desarrollo de sus proyectos por lo que es importante calcular bien los tiempos. ¡Recuerden que el plazo para la presentación es hasta el domingo 21 de agosto a las 9am CDT!

Is it okay if I am late for registration?

It’s okay, you will be registered anyways. The ETHGlobal team will be available all time to help you. Please make sure that your application is confirmed (you can still apply online until Thursday, Aug 18th). You can not just walk-in, you need to have a confirmation ready to show at the registration desk. Time is very important in these events, that’s why you should be on time. Keep in mind that the submission deadline is Sunday, Aug 21st at 9am CDT!

2. ¿Cuántas personas se han registrado al hackathon?

Es un evento muy grande y cientos de personas ya se han inscrito. Tenemos una capacidad máxima de 500 hackers. Por ello, les sugerimos que apliquen lo más pronto posible.

How many people are participating?

It is a big event and hundreds of people have already staked. We can host a maximum capacity of circa ~ 1000 hackers. That’s why we suggest that if you want to participate; you should get registered asap.

3. ¿Cómo conseguir un equipo?

ETHMexico está pensado para conocer la comunidad. Habrá espacios y oportunidades (como sesiones con nuestro equipo oficial de formación) para socializar y conocer a tus próximos compañeros. Una forma es acercarte directamente a un equipo y preguntar si puedes unirte. También está la opción de unirte a grupos de Discord de personas que están en la misma búsqueda que tú. Realmente es muy sencillo encontrar tu equipo ya que ¡Todos están emocionados por conocerse!

How do I get a team to work with?

ETHMexico is a great opportunity to get to know the community, there will be different spaces and opportunities (such as our official Team Formation sessions) to socialize and to meet fellow hackers. You can ask the teams that are already established if you can join them or find others on Discord. Trust us: It isn’t that hard to find a team, everybody is excited to meet new people!

4. ¿Los patrocinadores estarán presentes durante el evento?

Van a haber talleres con los patrocinadores, algunos serán presencialmente y otros con videos ya grabados. Todo el material estará disponible en Youtube. Antes del evento, se publicarán los detalles de la agenda del evento en mexico.ethglobal.com para que puedan elegir los talleres a los que deseen asistir.

Are the sponsors IRL during the event?

There are going to be sponsors presenting workshops in real life and others that are already recorded. All the recordings will be available on Youtube. Before the event the agenda details are going to be posted on mexico.ethglobal.com so you will be able to choose what workshops you want to attend.

5. ¿Puedo llegar antes del inicio para hablar con el equipo de ETH?

El evento empezará cuando se abra el registro a las 2pm y ahí es cuando te permitimos entrar. Aunque llegara temprano eso sería complicado ya que todos estarán ocupados instalándose. ¡Durante el desarrollo del evento tendrá la oportunidad de conocer a todo el equipo de ETHGlobal!

Can I arrive early to speak with the ETHGlobal team?

The event will be open when the registration starts at 2pm and thats when we allow you in. Even if you arrived early, to be honest, we will probably be very occupied with setting up the venue. During the event you will be able to meet everyone from the ETHGlobal team!

6. Si es que hay equipos dónde solo hay hispano hablantes ¿El pitch puede exponerse en español?

Durante el evento habrá voluntarios que ayudarán con la traducción de los pitches. Estas traducciones serán gratuitas y están pensadas para que no existan barreras con los idiomas.

If there is a team with only Spanish speakers, can the pitch be presented in Spanish?

During the event there will be volunteers that will help with the translation of the pitches. These translations are free and are meant to displace any language barriers.

7. ¿La sede del evento estará abierta durante todo el evento?

Sí, la sede estará disponible las 72 horas que dura el Hackaton. Se han habilitado espacios para que los participantes puedan alimentarse y descansar.

Is the headquarter going to be accessible during the whole event?

Yes, it will be available 72 hours straight. There will be places for the participants to eat, drink and rest.

8. ¿Este hackaton tendrá la misma dinámica que los anteriores respecto a la exposición y entrega del proyecto?

Sí, será la misma dinámica. Los proyectos se exponen al público y patrocinadores para obtener retroalimentación y así poder mejorarlo. Para participar y para ganar premios en el concurso se debe subir el proyecto al panel de hackers.

Will this hackathon have the same procedures the previous ones had regarding the presentation and the project submission?

Yes, it will have the same procedures. The projects will be presented to the public and sponsors so they can provide you with their feedback.. To participate and be able to win prizes you will have to submit your project to the hacker dashboard.

9. ¿Qué tan importante es la presentación, el demo y la idea del proyecto?

Lo más importante es que el proyecto funcione y la idea ya que se enfoca en lo que el proyecto quiere lograr. La presentación es importante para la retroalimentación de los jueces y que así puedas mejorar. Para el demo, los jueves valoran los los demos creativos. Tenemos un centro de información en el que puedes encontrar tips de como preparar el demo y cómo ingresarlo para participar. (haga clic aquí)

How important is the pitch, demo and idea of the project?

The most important is that it works and the idea because it is focused on what you want to achieve with realizing the project. The pitch is also important because you will get feedback from the sponsors for you to improve it. For the demo judges enjoy creative pitches. We also have a info center where you can find tips on how to prepare for the demo & how to submit. (click here)

10. ¿Es posible que los equipos sean híbridos, es decir, que algunos participantes que se encuentren en otro lugar se conecten de forma remota?

No, este evento es presencial. Sin embargo, en septiembre se llevará a cabo ETHOnline, el cual será completamente virtual.

Can there be hybrid teams where some of the participants are abroad, and they connect remotely?

No, the event is for individuals and teams who attend in real life. However, there will be ETHOnline in September, which is going to be 100% online (online.ethglobal.com)!

11. ¿Cómo se logra mantener una competencia justa si algunos equipos ya están trabajando en su proyecto antes de la hackathon?

Para regular eso se les pide a todos los equipos su base de códigos para participar. Usted debe empezar a trabajar en su proyecto después del anuncio oficial de que ha comenzado el hacking. Para una competencia justa, se comprobará las fuentes de códigos de todos los equipos antes de la entrega de premios. Ya ha sucedido que han enviado proyectos sin cumplir este requerimiento y se les ha descalificado. El proyecto debe ser desarrollado durante y en la hackathon. Comprobaremos el código fuente de todos antes de dar los premios.

How do you keep a fair competition? What could happen if some team is already working on the projects before the hackathon?

To keep a fair competition, we demand that every team submit their codebase to participate. You must start working after the official announcement that hacking has started. It has happened in the past that some teams haven’t done this and have been disqualified. The project has to be developed during and at the hackathon. We will be checking everyone’s source code before giving any prizes

12. ¿Es cierto que el evento dura 72 horas?

Sí, dura tres días consecutivos. La hackaton inicia después de que Kartik anuncia el “Happy Hacking!”

Is it true that the event lasts 72 hours?

Yes, it does. It lasts 3 days in a row and officially starts when Kartik announces: “Happy hacking!”

Final Thoughts

ETHMexico Finalists Reunited posing for the camera.

We’ve got so much planned for Bogotá and cannot wait to see all of you. Our in-person events this year have been second-to-none, and we’re sure ETHBogotá will be even more exciting. If you have any questions, or just want to talk to someone from our team, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have yet to apply, what are you waiting for? Submit your application, pack your bags, and get ready to build in Bogotá!

See you in Bogotá,

🖤 The ETHGlobal Team




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