What to Expect at ETHBogotá 2022

We’re kicking off Devcon Week in style!

We heard all the cool crypto people are going to be there, you should apply.

🏁 Step 1: Registration

☑️ Check-in to ETHBogotá in 3 Simple Steps:

🚩Note: Though we encourage you to check-in early to skip the line, you will not be able to access the event venue until we officially open on Friday at 2:00pm CDT. You will need to have your badge and wristband visible at all times to be allowed in the event venue.

📍 Venue Information

🤙 Step 2: Hacking and Hanging Out

Hackers working at ETHMexico earlier this month (credit: Kevin Jones)

A few things to note:

🇲🇽 ETHBogotá Hacker Perks:

A shot of the crowd during the ETHMexico kickoff.

🎞 Photobooth

🖼 NFT Exhibition

🍔 Food & Drink

🤨 Hidden POAP

👩‍⚖️ Step 3: Project Submissions + Judging

Step 1: Show up to Judging Green Room

Step 2: Receive your Judging Appointment

Step 3: Present to our Judges live at your assigned room

Step 4: Demo to Partner Teams at their table (if interested in Partner Prizes)

🚩 Note: If you do not wish to compete for Finalist Prizes, you do not have to participate in Main Judging.

🎉Step 4: Celebrating Your Work!

Finalist Team Ethereum Uncensored presenting their project at the ETHMexico Closing Ceremony.

🚩 Note: If you are selected as an ETHBogotá Finalist, we will notify you via Discord by 2:00pm local time (prior to Closing Ceremony) Please check Discord regularly so you don’t miss this.

⛑ Safety at ETHBogotá

A view from outside the Agora Bogotá venue.

→ Check out our Bogotá Safety Tips guide.

🚀 Stuff to do During Devcon

Hackers posing for a shot at ETHMexico.



🤔 Hacker FAQ

Is it okay if I am late for registration?

It’s okay, you will be registered anyways. The ETHGlobal team will be available all time to help you. Please make sure that your application is confirmed (you can still apply online until Thursday, Aug 18th). You can not just walk-in, you need to have a confirmation ready to show at the registration desk. Time is very important in these events, that’s why you should be on time. Keep in mind that the submission deadline is Sunday, Aug 21st at 9am CDT!

How many people are participating?

It is a big event and hundreds of people have already staked. We can host a maximum capacity of circa ~ 1000 hackers. That’s why we suggest that if you want to participate; you should get registered asap.

How do I get a team to work with?

ETHMexico is a great opportunity to get to know the community, there will be different spaces and opportunities (such as our official Team Formation sessions) to socialize and to meet fellow hackers. You can ask the teams that are already established if you can join them or find others on Discord. Trust us: It isn’t that hard to find a team, everybody is excited to meet new people!

Are the sponsors IRL during the event?

There are going to be sponsors presenting workshops in real life and others that are already recorded. All the recordings will be available on Youtube. Before the event the agenda details are going to be posted on mexico.ethglobal.com so you will be able to choose what workshops you want to attend.

Can I arrive early to speak with the ETHGlobal team?

The event will be open when the registration starts at 2pm and thats when we allow you in. Even if you arrived early, to be honest, we will probably be very occupied with setting up the venue. During the event you will be able to meet everyone from the ETHGlobal team!

If there is a team with only Spanish speakers, can the pitch be presented in Spanish?

During the event there will be volunteers that will help with the translation of the pitches. These translations are free and are meant to displace any language barriers.

Is the headquarter going to be accessible during the whole event?

Yes, it will be available 72 hours straight. There will be places for the participants to eat, drink and rest.

Will this hackathon have the same procedures the previous ones had regarding the presentation and the project submission?

Yes, it will have the same procedures. The projects will be presented to the public and sponsors so they can provide you with their feedback.. To participate and be able to win prizes you will have to submit your project to the hacker dashboard.

How important is the pitch, demo and idea of the project?

The most important is that it works and the idea because it is focused on what you want to achieve with realizing the project. The pitch is also important because you will get feedback from the sponsors for you to improve it. For the demo judges enjoy creative pitches. We also have a info center where you can find tips on how to prepare for the demo & how to submit. (click here)

Can there be hybrid teams where some of the participants are abroad, and they connect remotely?

No, the event is for individuals and teams who attend in real life. However, there will be ETHOnline in September, which is going to be 100% online (online.ethglobal.com)!

How do you keep a fair competition? What could happen if some team is already working on the projects before the hackathon?

To keep a fair competition, we demand that every team submit their codebase to participate. You must start working after the official announcement that hacking has started. It has happened in the past that some teams haven’t done this and have been disqualified. The project has to be developed during and at the hackathon. We will be checking everyone’s source code before giving any prizes

Is it true that the event lasts 72 hours?

Yes, it does. It lasts 3 days in a row and officially starts when Kartik announces: “Happy hacking!”

Final Thoughts

ETHMexico Finalists Reunited posing for the camera.



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