What to Expect at ETHBogotá 2022

We’re kicking off Devcon Week in style!

We heard all the cool crypto people are going to be there, you should apply.

🏁 Step 1: Registration

Upon arriving at Agora Bogotá, you should visit the check-in station to get your badges, wristbands, and swag bags. We will be registering everyone over the course of two days. Join us on Thursday, August 18th to avoid the queue on Friday!

  • Early Registration — Thursday, October 6th @ 2pm (local time)), Agora Bogotá
  • Main Registration — Friday, October 7th @ 2pm (local time), Agora Bogotà

☑️ Check-in to ETHBogotá in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Have a form of Identification ready
  • Obtain your hacker/sponsor/speaker badge and wristband
  • Grab a Swag bag!

📍 Venue Information

🤙 Step 2: Hacking and Hanging Out

Hackers working at ETHMexico earlier this month (credit: Kevin Jones)

A few things to note:

  • You are required to bring your own laptop and chargers — this is not provided for you.
  • Please ensure you have the correct plug adapter to power your computer
  • Meals, Drinks & Snacks will be provided for all attendees from Friday to Sunday.
  • You have 24hr access to the venue!

🇲🇽 ETHBogotá Hacker Perks:

A shot of the crowd during the ETHMexico kickoff.

🎞 Photobooth

🖼 NFT Exhibition

🍔 Food & Drink

🤨 Hidden POAP

We know you’ll be working non-stop, but when you look up from your screens, feel free to share your experiences on social media (we’d love to shout you out). On top of all of that, don’t miss out on making some new friends—our Partners are excited to meet you!

👩‍⚖️ Step 3: Project Submissions + Judging

Our Project Submissions & Judging processes have come a long way since 2017, but we’ll spare you the history lesson. You will submit your project via the Hacker Dashboard, but will not receive your Judging Appointment until you show up to the Main Judging Green Room on Sunday Morning.

Step 1: Show up to Judging Green Room

Step 2: Receive your Judging Appointment

Step 3: Present to our Judges live at your assigned room

Step 4: Demo to Partner Teams at their table (if interested in Partner Prizes)

Just like all of our events, you will be given the chance to have your project judged live by a panel of ecosystem experts. We believe this is crucial to giving developers and creatives in our community (like you) face time with those building the projects that you’ve worked on, or would like to someday work for!

🎉Step 4: Celebrating Your Work!

Finalist Team Ethereum Uncensored presenting their project at the ETHMexico Closing Ceremony.

⛑ Safety at ETHBogotá

A view from outside the Agora Bogotá venue.

🚀 Stuff to do During Devcon

Hackers posing for a shot at ETHMexico.

🤔 Hacker FAQ

  1. ¿Qué sucede su llego tarde al registro?

Final Thoughts

ETHMexico Finalists Reunited posing for the camera.

See you in Bogotá,

🖤 The ETHGlobal Team



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