What to Expect at HackFS

We are welcoming back a community favourite for the fourth year in a row — this is HackFS 2023!

4 min readMay 24, 2023
Spots are going fast, apply today!

If you enjoyed last year’s HackFS event, strap in — because this year will be even more phenomenal! From June 2nd — 21st, in partnership with Protocol Labs, we invite you to join us in building the foundations of Web3 centred around dapps, decentralized storage, and everything in between.

HackFS at a glance:

🤔 What to expect

Each year, HackFS becomes larger and more impactful than the year before, and this year will be no different. Join hackers from across the globe to identify problems, work collaboratively, find collaborators, and help build and upgrade the whole ecosystem.

Not to mention the total of $100,000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs! For the first time, we will have prizes from The Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) for a HackFS, a runtime environment for smart contracts (also called actors) on the Filecoin network to help you unleash the enormous potential of an open data economy.

The week will start off with an Idea Brainstorming & Team Formation Session on Thursday, allowing all our hackers to come together, find team members, and share ideas. This session will prepare you for the official event Kick-Off on Friday, propelling you into the weekend to dive deep into the first phase of ideation. In case you missed the first session, need just one more team member, or could use some more brainstorming, there will be a second Idea Brainstorming & Team Formation Session on Saturday!

In a rapidly evolving and new space, access to information is critical. Therefore, we have ensured that throughout each of the first three weeks, you will have access to Project Feedback Sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have been building and receive live assistance from our Technical Mentors and the creators of the tools you will be using. So, make the most of it!

Discordian on IPFS & Filecoin 🛠 101 Introduction to IPFS & Filecoin (2022)

HackFS is the perfect opportunity to build your skills and contribute to a web where users control their own data and identity! Sound a bit intimidating? Don’t worry, we have curated workshops for both beginners and experts. These workshops are led by partner team members and ecosystem experts such as Juan Benet, Dawn Kelly, Ayush Ranjan, Molly Mackinlay, and many more to get your projects up and running.

🏃Get ahead of the game!

To make the most of HackFS 2023, we have compiled some resources for you to help you hit the ground running!

🙋‍♂️Getting Help

If you run into any trouble during the event, please reach out to our Technical Mentors or the HackFS channels in our Discord to answer any questions you might have. Our online hackathons are made to be challenging and rewarding — so make sure to get out of your comfort zone!

Helpful Tips:

👉 Apply To Hack here: https://ethglobal.com/events/hackfs2023

We are thrilled to respond to a highly requested community demand following the success of our hacks FVM Space Warp and Hack FEVM. We are confident that the HackFS community will continue to impress us with their creativity, dedication, and commitment to building a decentralized future.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build the decentralized web together!

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